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Investigative Journalism

Evil Has a Name

This is the true story of how the suspected Golden State Killer, was captured, as told first-hand by those closest to the case.

The Last Days of August

Jon Ronson delves into the pornography industry, as he unravels the never-before-told story of what caused a beloved 23-year-old actress’s untimely death.

Escape From Jonestown

Tim Carter escaped the utopian society deep in the Guyana jungle, just as 914 members drank a lethal elixir of Flavor-Aid and cyanide.

Folsom Untold

Journalist Danny Robins investigates the dramatic friendship between an icon and an inmate, and how it was torn apart.

Damned Spot

In these four episodes we return to the scenes of tragic or traumatic events and find out how the location has been impacted.

100:1 The Crack Legacy

Investigating the war on crack of the mid-80s host Christopher Johnson shares the experiences of police, drug dealers and the wider community.

The Butterfly Effect

British best-selling author Jon Ronson explores the impact of a Belgian teenager making free porn available on the internet.

West Cork

Investigative journalist, Sam Bungey, and documentarian, Jennifer Forde, travel to a small town in Ireland to delve into an unsolved murder case.