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West Cork

Join investigative journalist, Sam Bungey, and documentarian, Jennifer Forde as they investigate the death in December 1996 of French filmmaker Sophie Toscan du Plantier.
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Word Wars

Iain Lee hosts this panel show as high profile guests compete through pointless questions which inevitably descend into riotous comedy.
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Mark Dolan's VIP Lounge

Meet the VIPs – Very Interesting People – as comedian Mark Dolan interviews ordinary people who reveal their extraordinary truth.
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Preparing for a marathon is tough work. Good job you, and George Lamb, have got training experts Mo Farah and Joe Wicks by your side.
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History Revealed

Unearthing the untold stories and unsung heroes through the ages, notable historians take us back in time from crusading knights to the D-Day landings.
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When loner Anna Winslow goes missing fellow student Melissa’s curiosity turns to obsession and she documents every shocking turn of her investigation.
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Praise for The Butterfly Effect

"It makes for a gripping listen, a story that unfolds in a madly unpredictable way." The Guardian
"A sympathetic look at performers and producers in the porn industry, that's never once prurient or judgmental." Rolling Stone
"On the radio, Ronson comes across like Hunter S Thompson as played by Alan Bennett - an odd mix of gonzo chutzpah and cuddly politeness. He charms and is charmed by his interviewees. As a result, he has a rare gift for revealing the human side of people who have been dehumanised." Daily Telegraph

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Another great reason to be an Audible member

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