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Browse our extensive collection of science fiction and fantasy audiobooks. Escape to another world with legendary listens like Ready Player One, Artemis and the Alien series.

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Listens designed to inspire dread, fear, repulsion and terror amongst even the bravest of audiences. Unearth curiosities that should never have been stirred, creep into the dungeons of despair and adventure into the afterlife. This is one for the daredevils who love to be scared, feel their spine tingle and their blood curdle.

Show your little ones, or not so little ones, the incredible power of imagination. Let them believe that lost boys fly, forests are enchanted and wardrobes can open new worlds. Indulge their sense of magic with wizarding worlds, ethereal Northern Lights and trips down rabbit holes. From well worn classics, to fantastical new adventures, these listens are guaranteed to grow your children's sense of wonder.

May the force be with you as you live long and prosper. For those who wish to adventure into the far flung corners of the universe, explore life on Mars or simply get lost in space. Indulge in colourful, fantastical and dramatic adventures. Listen to tales of interplanetary battles, billions of light-years away and find yourself rooting for heroes and heroines you could have never imagined.