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Recommended by Audible listeners


A haunting story of searching for something innocent and finding a harsh reality. I had to listen to this in one sitting. - L Wood

Relentless Pursuit

For anyone trying to understand the broader social issues dragged into daylight by the Epstein case this book is essential. - Sam H


Vital journalism, terrific presentation. A balanced, compassionate and humane insight into the darkest of worlds. - Anonymous user

Heist with Michael Caine

All six of these episodes are fantastic. They cover a broad range of historical heists, ranging from almost perfect, to absolutely terrible. - Andrew

A Bit of a Stretch

Told in a somewhat light hearted way, this book provides a facinating understanding of the UK prison system. - Wendy Ledger

A Spy Among Friends

Another fascinating book by Ben MacIntyre exploring shadowy history, this time of Kim Philby and the Cambridge spy ring. - David A

Real Crime

Very well produced True Crime series. It doesn't sensationalise, nor does it shrink away from brutal truths - P.B. Simister

Evil Has a Name

I felt the terror if the victims, the anger and dispair of the families and friends of the victims, and the volcanic frustration of the investigating team. - Sequinn