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There’s no better time to curl up and escape with a good story than the festive season. Whatever you wish for... tales of romance in magical Christmas settings; chilling mysteries and adventure in the coldest climates; kid's fiction full of festive cheer... we've curated a plentiful array of listens ideal for all the family to enjoy on the annual holiday commute, to accompany you in the kitchen, or when sneaking some chill time after pudding.

French & Saunders are back with a very special festive edition

Comedy goddesses Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are rolling up their sleeves and donning humiliatingly ill-fitting party hats to do what they do best: titting about, in the Christmas Special of their smash hit podcast.

Listen in as Dawn and Jennifer give their handy hints on how to suck the joy out of Christmas (pro tip: walk around the living room with a black binbag insisting you collect people's wrapping paper); give unconventional advice on how to host a perfect Christmas (tell everyone you're having a bath and hide); and even answer the age old question, ‘Can Dawn and Jennifer sing well-known Christmas carols without the words?’ (Answer: yes they can... badly.)

Dawn and Jennifer leave no stone unturned in this thorough quest to entertain, inform and properly tit about with Christmas. May contain baubles.

Contains strong language and adult content.

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