Celebrate Black History Month 2018.
October 2020: This October marks the 33rd year of Black History Month in the UK. It's a commemoration that means different things to different people, but for us it is a chance to dig deeper to learn more, and to highlight the diverse stories told by classic and contemporary Black authors. Our collection starts with a fascinating podcast created by Bonnie Greer, who has also kindly shared with us a passion for history and storytelling in her recommended listens. Join us in celebrating this carefully curated, though by no means exhaustive, collection of brilliant authors.

Learning more about Black history

Superb! - Janessa
What an eye-opener! - F CAMERON Green
A true gem and work of art - Katie Bizley

I have to agree with the Audible listeners who reviewed our 2019 podcast In Search of Black History. The podcast covers a lot of ground and traverses the years to tell us stories of incredible people and fascinating discoveries, and I found that I learned a lot. But for me, it also hit home how much I didn't know, and how much more I would like to find out. If you've already enjoyed listening to In Search of Black History, and had your interest piqued, it's likely that you'll want to listen, read and uncover more.

Bonnie Greer is a dedicated story-teller and her passion for the subject shines through. In addition to creating this wonderful podcast, Bonnie is a playwright, author, journalist and former deputy chair of the British Museum, and in 2010, she was made an OBE by the Queen for her services to the Arts. Here she shares with us her recommendations on what you should make your next listen after In Search of Black History - Frances, Audible Editor

By Bonnie Greer

When I recorded the first volume of my autobiography, A Parallel Life for Audible last year it was an emotional experience - to feel, from a distance, my own continued and ongoing fight against erasure of memory and therefore of truth. Black History Month is not just about history, it's about how history creates the now. Let's not erase or try to hide our history, let's talk about it. All of it: the good; the bad; the ambiguous; the transcendent. My history is the History of Africa, the History of Europe, the History of America and the History of Britain. I am all of these things. I am on both sides of every story.

Four things have helped me to have a kind of reclamation within myself (although it is an ongoing process): books; art; music; and the two million years of human history that is the British Museum. These things - and others - allow me to hold multiple perspectives; which is the only way, I have found, of being myself. Of being a Black Woman. Of being a Human Being.

My novels Entropy and Hanging By Her Teeth are out this month, and there are some other new listens to explore as Audible continue to take genuine steps to become Anti-Racist allies. Please also check out their Anti-racism Listening List, and with a number of exciting, revelatory and important new projects in development, look out for more from me and other creators in 2021. Transformation and discussion at the heart of where it is most needed.

Listen to the future

Inspired by the question posed in the title of N.K. Jemesin’s short story collection 'How Long ‘Til Black Future Month?' we’re not only looking back, but forward; through Sci-Fi and Fantasy titles that imagine worlds beyond the boundaries of our past and present. Journey with classic writers like Samuel R Delany and Octavia Butler, or modern greats like Colson Whitehead, Nnedi Okorafor, and Tade Thompson.

How Long 'til Black Future Month?

A collection of evocative short stories told by one of the most powerful and acclaimed speculative fiction authors of our time.

Parable of the Sower

Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Octavia E. Butler paints a stunning portrait of an all-too-believable near future.

Who Fears Death

Nnedi Okorafor's World Fantasy Award-winning novel of a remarkable woman in post-apocalyptic Africa has been optioned as a TV series.

An Unkindness of Ghosts

Rivers Solomon explores slavery through a generation ship bound for a mythical Promised Land.


Tade Thompson's award-winning (Arthur C. Clarke Award 2019, Nommo Award for Best Novel) trilogy starter is full of magical twists and turns.

The Intuitionist

The debut novel from the acclaimed author of The Underground Railroad is an intriguing mystery and easily considered a classic.


Tackling questions of race, gender, and sexuality, Dhalgren is a literary marvel and a groundbreaking work of American magical realism.

The Fifth Season

The first in The Broken Earth fantasy series, it won the 2016 Hugo Award for Best Novel and was shortlisted for the World Fantasy, Nebula, Kitschies, Audie and Locus Awards.

Member favourites

Highly-rated by Audible listeners, these three picks have been given the stamp of approval by our toughest and most passionate critics.

Queenie Candice Carty-Williams
“Beautifully narrated this is a brilliant exploration of life as a black woman in London. From the horror of dating apps to the desire to have your story told.”
Rise Gina Miller
“A life-changing listen. Left me feeling stronger and more determined to continue speaking out.”
Afropean Johny Pitts
“This book is for anyone and everyone who wants to know black history and how black history is integrated with the world you see today.”