Ties That Bind

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The Heresy Within Summary

Jezzet Vel'Urn is a trained swordsman.

She has rightfully earned the title Blademaster, and she knows that for a woman like her there are generally just two ways out of most hostile situations: fight or fornicate. All too often for Jezzet's liking, it comes down to some gods-be-damned combination of the two.

In The Heresy Within, Jezzet is chased into the Wild by a vengeful warlord until she finally makes it to the sovereign city-state of Chade. But instead of sanctuary, she finds only more opportunistic bastards waiting to turn her over to her enemies. Also figuring majorly in the story is Thanquil Darkheart, a sorcerer hunter called an Arbiter, tasked with hunting down and purging heretics for the Inquisition. Thanquil is given a task by the God Emperor of Sarth, from which he has no escape. Lastly, there's the brutal outlaw called Black Thorn, best known perhaps for the killing of several Arbiters and possibly being one of the biggest names in the Wild for his proclivities. All three of their fates seem to be converging on the Free City of Chade, and before long Jezzet, Thanquil, and the Black Thorn will have to confront each other as they find themselves facing The Heresy Within.

This is book one of Rob J. Hayes' epic grimdark trilogy, The Ties That Bind. It is intended for mature listeners. This newly repackaged Ragnarok edition has been edited and revised.

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  • Book 1

    The Heresy Within cover art
    • The Heresy Within

    • The Ties That Bind, Book 1
    • By: Rob J. Hayes
    Not Available on Audible.co.uk
  • Book 2

    The Color of Vengeance cover art
    • The Color of Vengeance

    • The Ties That Bind, Book 2
    • By: Rob J. Hayes
    Not Available on Audible.co.uk
  • Book 3

    The Price of Faith cover art
    • The Price of Faith

    • The Ties That Bind, Book 3
    • By: Rob J. Hayes
    Not Available on Audible.co.uk