Warden Global

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The Warden Global Omnibus: Year One Summary

***Destiny - is it really inevitable?***

*Join Viktor as he uncovers part of his past in this collection of Warden Global books and short stories.* 

Hidden in the shadows is a supernatural world, filled with wonders that coexist alongside our own. Standing on the threshold of both, he fights for those who can’t protect themselves. It isn’t fun; it isn’t glorious, but it is important. 

There are some hard choices that need to be made, and when he’s done, nothing will be the same. 

Collection includes:

  • The Wanderer Awakens, Warden Global Book One
  • "Sleipnir's Heart" (short story) 
  • Rise of the Storm Bringer, Warden Global Book Two
  • "Lamia's Curse" (short story) 
©2018 Ken Lange (P)2018 Ken Lange
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  • Book 1.5

    Sleipnir's Heart cover art
    • Sleipnir's Heart

    • A Warden Global Story
    • By: Ken Lange
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