Star Carrier

9 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 409 ratings


Humanity fights for survival against alien threats in Ian Douglas's Star Carrier, an action-packed science fiction series of truly epic proportions.

Welcome to the 25th century. Earthlings are on the cusp of a major technological breakthrough that will allow them to travel throughout the universe and interact with other species as equals. But not everyone wants humans to achieve transcendence. The Sh'daar, a mysterious and hostile race, will do whatever it takes to keep Earth dwellers in their place—and they're not alone. Alexander Koenig, first as a Navy admiral and then as president, finds himself battling his own government as often as he fights the Sh'daar. Trevor Gray, Koenig's successor as commander of the star carrier America, faces similar backlash. Mere mortals, these courageous leaders defy protocol and follow their gut as they venture into the vast unknown of deep space on a high-stakes mission: to save humankind.

Star Carrier is packed with gripping space battles, where it is sometimes difficult to distinguish friend from foe. The entire series is narrated by Nick Sullivan, author, actor, and avid scuba diver, whose sonorous voice and skill at building suspense brings the space-faring excitement directly to your ears. 

Ian Douglas is the best-selling author of military science fiction, including The Legacy Trilogy and Heritage Trilogy, as well as the ongoing Star Carrier series. “Ian Douglas” is also one of several pseudonyms used by William H. Keith, a former naval corpsman and prolific writer of military novels.

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