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The Big Event Summary

Constance believes she knows her online friends very well. Or does she? After all it’s been five years of tweeting and sharing information. So by now she certainly feels a bond.  

Finally getting the chance to meet her friends: Stan, Karmel, Henry, Jagger and Estelle, at a glitzy party at The Dorchester hotel with a bag full of gifts and a smile, she’s excited to surprise them all and catch up in person.  

But as she makes her way around the music-and-laughter filled venue, and meets each friend, she realises their online personas fail to match up with who they say they really are. And not only that, she discovers a few things about herself in the most surprising of ways.  

The Big Event is a story about the importance of "real" friendships and how it’s the little things that matter the most.  

A gorgeous venue  

A room full of friends  

What could possibly go wrong?

©2019 Anne John-Ligali (P)2019 Anne John-Ligali
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