Tales from the Paranormal Plantation

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Gertie's Paranormal Plantation: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy Summary

"One thing I've learned about running a shelter for paranormal creatures, you can't afford to let your guard down. It all started when I welcomed an enchanting new guest to my plantation. Strange things started to happen. Well, more strange than usual. I was caught off guard by some conflicting feelings, and it spurred me on to get Brad, the love of my life, committed. To moving in with me, that is. In any case, I was willing to do whatever it took: love spells, black magic, and something so naughty I'd rather not mention it here. Nothing worked out quite the way I planned, and I ended up having to go to hell and back just to save my own self! If it wasn't for Marie Laveau and the rest of my friends, I wouldn't be able to share this tale with you in my memoir."
©2015 Melanie James (P)2015 Melanie James
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