Wisteria Witches Mysteries

17 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 495 ratings

Wisteria Witches Mysteries: Box Set, Books 1-3 Summary

A small town with big secrets. A neighbor who bites. A librarian who can shoot blue lightning from her hands. Plus a house with a mind of its own. Welcome to Wisteria.

Dive into the hit series that has urban fantasy and witch mystery fans hooked! 

Wisteria Witches

Zara Riddle moved to a small town, so her life could be quiet and safe. But now that her witch powers have kicked in, life is anything but. Long-lost relatives are coming out of the woodwork, and it turns out the family tree is riddled with magic. 

When a ghost shows up, Zara finds out her spirit-charmed powers come with a cost. She must solve the woman's murder. Zara teams up with her handsome neighbor, a wolf shifter who's both mysterious and perfect. Maybe too perfect? He did save her life during a vicious attack, but some strange coincidences have Zara second-guessing her alliances.

The town of Wisteria may be quaint on the surface, but danger lurks around every corner. To protect her family, Zara must risk her heart and her life. Forces of good and evil will face off in a battle where one side has a secret advantage.

One thing's for sure: Zara Riddle is keeping these new powers, blue lightning balls and all.

Once you go witch, you never switch.

Wicked Wisteria

Zara Riddle moved to Wisteria for a quiet life. Instead, she got ghosts, demon birds, shifters, and even gorgons.

When mysterious forces erase words from the town's books, Zara conjures a magical creature to restore the text. But magic has a mind of its own, and magical creatures love trouble. Pretty soon, the bodies start piling up.

Now Zara must face whoever (or whatever) is behind a dark plot to destroy everything she loves. This time the fight will be tougher than ever. After all, it's hard to battle the forces of evil when you're dead.

Wisteria Wonders

Zara Riddle needs to crack open one more big secret. 

Chet Moore, the moody shifter who lives next door, has been running hot and cold like a broken faucet ever since they met. Zara finally resorts to magic to get the truth out of him. It turns out her instincts were right. Chet has been hiding something, and it's a doozy. 

Now Chet wants Zara's help with an intensely personal mission. He wants her to track down a lost soul and solve a cold case - a strange and violent case that powerful entities would rather keep buried. Diving in will put them both in danger. 

Zara tries to be a good witch. Zara should push aside her feelings and help the lost soul, but...it's so hard to do the right thing sometimes. Zara might be one crafty witch, but she's still a woman.

When the shocking truth is finally unveiled, not everyone is going to get out alive. With this mission, the only thing worse than failing is succeeding.

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