Douglas Comstock

Douglas Comstock

UPDATE: Summer/Fall 2021. If I can help you in anyway during this challenging moment of growth, please call or email me (I truly mean it) It was the fall of 1981. I had just returned to Connecticut from Alaska where I had worked as a commercial fisherman for the previous two years. I was ready and excited to start my own wellness/fitness business. I called a college professor I adored and respected and excitedly told him, "Doc, I am going to start my own business" which he replied; "You can't start a business Doug because you have never taken a business class". I was completely deflated.. ' I was disheartened by his words for 24 hours. Then I realized that my parents (both entrepreneurs) had never taken a business class and yet found a way to raise a family of 4 kids without ever having the "right background". REMEMBER THIS... When someone tells you that you CAN'T do something, what they are really telling you is that THEY CAN'T DO THE THING they are telling you that you can't do. How do they know anything about your resolve. How do they know anything about your stick-to-it-iv-ness? THEY DON'T. That business that I started in 1981 has morphed over the years. 40 years later it still supports me today. It has allowed me to travel the world. Pay for 4 college degrees (mine and my three daughters). No college loans. Buy a beautiful second home on Cape Cod and become very very comfortable. It has afforded me the opportunity to travel where I want, when I want as as often as I want. All without ever setting a foot in a business class. WILL I EVER BE RICH...I have no interest in being rich. I am to busy chasing life's experiences to worry about getting rich. However if it was my priority, my little business would allow me to get very rich. In my speeches I often say; While I could never get into the Harvard Business School as a student, that didn't stop them from hiring me as a consultant. My point is this. DON'T YOU DARE believe the nonsense that many people will tell you that you cant do. I was a solid D student my entire academic career NOT because I was stupid but because I was unmotivated to learn about the PH of the soil when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. That did not stop me from writing my book THE MENTAL TOUGHNESS ADVANTAGE. A book that has now helped thousands of readers all over the world. I AM ONE OF YOU.. no more smart. no more special than any one of you reading this. IF there is one skill I have developed over the years it is to be a "professional noticer" I notice people that excel in a given area and try to replicate their success. I also notice under performers and learn from their mistakes and try to avoid making those same mistakes. Begin to NOTICE things. Notice the winners and the losers and move closer to what you want to be. And NEVER NEVER NEVER let anyone distract you from your mission. YOU HAVE GOT THIS.... LASTLY, I am here for you. ALWAYS. My contact information is in the book. For goodness sake CONTACT ME if I can help you in any way. I love you guys. Doug PS. Bio: Douglas "Clydesdale" Comstock is regarded as an authority on the topic mental toughness and goal achievement. He is an award winning, inspirational speaker and coach on the topics of mental toughness, high performance and living an inspired life. Doug inspires his audiences to “Awaken Their Inner Champion” by weaving motivational lessons from his experiences spent as a former Alaska "Deadliest Catch" Commercial Fisherman, three-time finisher of the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon and 3rd Degree Black Belt team member on the US Intersport Karate team to Russia and Poland. On April 26th 2019 at age 64, Doug swam from Europe to Africa across the Gibraltar Straits. Prior to that at age 60 he swam for 13 hours 20 minutes covering 19 miles from Dover, England toward Cape De Gris, France across the famed English Channel before having to terminate his swim because of a shoulder injury two miles from the French coast. Despite falling short of his goal to reach the french coast, Doug is scheduled to attempt a second English Channel crossing in July 2024 at age 69. Doug has directed his own training company since 1981. His clients include; Aetna, Hartford Insurance, McDonalds, NBC, Harvard Business School, New England Patriots, Yankee Candle, as well as celebrity clients Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, Fleetwood Mac and hundreds more . Comstock is the founder of "Getting to Goal" seminars and coaching, delivering high performance coaching and speaking programs to aspiring individuals as well as corporations in the areas of mental toughness and sales performance excellence. Speaking and Media Inquiries; Author: The Mental Toughness Advantage available on Amazon click here or image below. Also available on the shelf at Barnes and Noble as well as Books A Million.
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