Once Upon an Apocalypse

3 books in series
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The Journey Home: Revised Edition Summary

The day is like any other day until it becomes The Day. At 4:05 pm the United States is attacked with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon. A 20-megaton nuclear warhead is detonated high in the atmosphere above Kansas, blanketing most of the contiguous United States and parts of Canada and Mexico with an electromagnetic pulse that damages nearly all microprocessors and electronic controls beyond repair. Nearly every system that depends on computers and electronics has ceased to work. The electrical grid goes down. The water system goes down. The sewer system goes down. The phone system goes down. The cellular system goes down. Cars stop. Tractors stop. Radio and TV stations go dark. The Internet is no more. No more ambulance services. No more emergency services. No more government services. No more 911. In the twinkle of an eye, America is sent back deep into the 19th century.

Jill Barnes, a single mom, finds herself stranded on the side of Interstate 459 near Birmingham, Alabama. Jack Chance, a bank vice president, is stranded on Interstate 85 near Montgomery, Alabama. John Carter, a contractor, finds himself stranded near Leeds, Alabama. Each has a different mind-set and level of preparedness. Follow them as they make their decisions and journey home to Clarke County in rural Southwest Alabama.

Author's note: This is a new performance of the revised version of book one. It has been revised to reflect a first-person point of view for each chapter's main character. Take note of which character leads in the chapter title.

This is not a book on religion or religious ideology; however, two of the main characters are Christian. They pray often and acknowledge God's influence upon the events taking place. If you find praying, acknowledging God, or seeing Jesus' name used in a positive context offensive, then I suggest you do not listen to this book.

©2015, 2016 Thomas J. Motes, Jr. (P)2017 Thomas J. Motes, Jr.
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