Black Widows

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Black Widows, Episode 1 Summary

Black Widows is a thrilling science fiction series about the infamous all-female mercenary unit. Aboard their heavily-armed ship Medusa, they embark on secretive missions throughout the crumbling Confederacy as it wages a terrible and bloody civil war.

The lives of Syala and her twin sister Arana change forever on the day the slavers hit their new home on the Skylla Research Facility. It is a day that started like any other, before turning into a terrifying massacre as soldiers and hideous creatures swarm through the facility killing or enslaving anyone that stands in their way. The sisters struggle to survive as a desperate few try and fight back, but nothing can hold back the horde. Until they find a single mercenary dressed in black armor who refuses to back down. Her name is Zhang Wei, and she is a Black Widow.

©2016 Michael G. Thomas (P)2016 Swordworks
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