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Stoicism: Two-Book Bundle

The Art of Creating Changes for Life Long Habits of Self Discipline, Mental Toughness, Productivity, Jealousy, Anger Management and A Psychologist’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence
Narrated by: Cole Waterson
Length: 3 hrs and 19 mins

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Once in a while, you come across people who appear to be very in control of their lives. Their emotions are always in check. They achieve everything they set their minds to. Their relationships, careers, and finances never seem to fail. They simply excel in every aspect of their lives. You wonder how they achieve this. If you asked any of them, you would learn that there’s no magic involved. They worked for it, and they continually work to maintain it. You can be such a person, too. The question is how?

This bundle contains two books: 

Stoicism: The Art of Creating Small Changes for Life Long Habits of Self Discipline, Mental Toughness, Productivity and Mastering Confidence, Jealousy and Anger Management

The stoic philosophy involves incorporating powerful practices to cope with the ever evolving challenges of today’s world. It is all about overcoming destructive emotions and developing moral virtues that help us become better human beings. This book focuses on easy, practical ways to develop the virtues of self discipline, mental toughness, confidence, and productivity, and finally managing jealousy and anger. These traits can help us have control over our actions, thoughts, and feelings in an unpredictable world.

Anger Management: A Psychologist’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence for You to Get in Charge of Your Life, Control Anger, and Reach Stoicism and Forgiveness in Relationships

Has anger taken over your life? Do you react to situations in an angry manner then try to understand why it all happened? Do you have a partner who has more than once advised you to seek professional help because of the way you react when angry? In this book, you will understand the causes of anger, whether what you feel is related to how and what you were exposed to when you were younger. Are there any reasons to believe you need help in this area? You will also get to hear stories about how other individuals expressed their anger and see whether you can relate.

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