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The Torian Reclamation, Book 2
Narrated by: James Killavey
Length: 10 hrs and 50 mins
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Freedom left unchallenged is an undervalued asset.

It's been 25 years since the Earthlings were resuscitated and Brandon Foss's unique set of skills became the deciding factor in Tora's first interstellar war. A second-generation of Torian humans is now in young adulthood, including Derek's thrill-seeking son Jumper - whose insatiable thirst for adventure often entangles him and his friends in the darker shenanigans of their home world's fallen culture.

Amulen society has been decimated due to widespread addiction to the alien game polwar. Derek and his family stubbornly remain on Amulen despite the continually deteriorating conditions. When a new, suspiciously power-hungry leader makes progress in re-uniting Amulen through the very thing that destroyed it, Brandon shows up and gets the kids involved in reconnaissance work.

But an uninvited guest also arrives. The Torian military is provoked into action, tested to extremes, and forced to discover who their friends really are....

Extat, let's just encapsulate this thing. Here's what you get:

  • Two and a half gripping space battles
  • Mountain adventures and exotic animals
  • Devastating new weapons and the mystical powers of benevolent beings
  • Bad guys, good guys, weird guys, and globulous green hissing guys
  • Wild-west style laser shootouts
  • Drones and attack satellites
  • Personal development through balance and high-level game strategy

That's what you wanted, right? We got you covered.

©2014 Andrew P Kasch (P)2015 Andrew P Kasch

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