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Chapter 4. Society as a Community of Manipulators and Their Subjects

Archetypal Pattern: Fundamentals of Non-Traditional Psychoanalysis, Book 4
Narrated by: Fernando Castillo
Length: 42 mins

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The following statement can be considered the main hypothesis that formed the basis of this article: all types of interpersonal relationships in the human community are built entirely on manipulation as a principle. We focus only on the study of unconscious motivations, as the true cause of human activity. And, when discussing true motivations that arise from the unconscious, we can state that they are fully determined by individual structure of psyche of a person. All true motives of an individual are fully determined by the content of his unconscious: that is-by individual archetypal pattern as the basis of an individual, where all needs and predilections of the individual are contained. Any kinds of contacts and attachments between people (friendship, romance, business, partnership, parent-child relationships) are based on manipulation of each other as an unconscious motivation. Consequently, the human community lives, develops, functions and is regulated on the basis of manipulation. And, if manipulation of one another by individuals is an effective way to quickly and qualitatively satisfy any kind of their needs in society, then it is fair to consider society as a community of manipulators and their subjects.

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