H E Joyce

H E Joyce

H E Joyce lives among the beautiful Chilterns of Buckinghamshire, England, with his wife and black Labrador. He has two children and four grandchildren. Thrillers with unexpected twists are the genre which he enjoys reading and writing, playing mind-games with his readers. Most of his books are available in paperback and audiobooks as well as kindle versions. Visit the website: www.hejoyce.co.uk and drop him a line, or follow him on Twitter @HEJoyce1. A Member of: ASMSG, AUTHORSdb and the Independent Authors Network. Readers Comments: "The steel of the knife which Beth held, twisting it menacingly around in her hand, glimmered.....Frozen with fear, there seemed nothing Laura could do..." If you like mystery/thrillers, you are going to thoroughly enjoy "The Deadliest Game" by Author: H E Joyce. I have rated this book 5 Stars! The story engages you early on and has plenty of unexpected twists and turns to keep you guessing, with romance, intrigue, suspense...all on a wickedly stormy night. The authors flowing writing style makes this book an easy read. As an avid mystery/thriller reader I can recommend... "The Deadliest Game" "I enjoyed reading Miranda's Fortune. The story read somewhere in between a coming of age novel and a mystery, two genres that I like. The storytelling is very straightforward. The protagonist, Miranda, is introduced in the beginning as a slightly defiant but likable character. It is revealed that she has recently suffered from some type of accident, and that the new school year is just beginning. From here, the mystery unfolds. Well, I should say mysteries. This author is particularly good at building suspense. Miranda's accident is a mystery, the disappearance of a teacher is a mystery, the nature of her replacement, the antagonist, Mrs. Grainger is a mystery. All of which are revealed in reasonable, believable ways. The setting is very much 'coming of age'. Most of the action takes place at a beautifully described boarding school. The character of Miranda also seems typical for this type of novel. Throughout the story she deals with several problems: the death of her parents, conflicts with other girls at the school, etc. My favorite part of the story was the author's use of dialogue. Much was revealed about the characters through the subtle nuances of speech. I also liked the narrator's voice. He was very empathetic towards both the protagonists and antagonists. His use of prose was sometimes playful but never annoying or flowery. As the story progressed, so did the suspense. The author used flashbacks to the accident, revealing more each time. In the second half of the book, the point of view began to shift from protagonist to antagonist. I love when authors do this, particularly in mysteries. I found the second half to be quite the page turner. I don't want to spoil the ending because the author used a neat little twist that was unpredictable, but very believable. Overall, I would say that this story is very well written, and that I look forward to reading books by this author in the future. Highly Recommended." "It is rare for characters to come alive so vividly in a book, but in 'Miranda's Fortune', they leap from the page. From the sweet natured heroine Miranda, her friend Becky and lovable Archie, to the Machiavellian schoolmistress, all the characters are people you care about, and right from the start you are on Miranda's side, wondering just what is happening to her and why. Who is the mysterious man on the train? Where do chunks of Miranda's time vanish to? Something sinister is going on, but just what is it? This book lures you in and keeps your attention, and even when you think everything is done and dusted there's yet another interesting twist that I never expected, and certainly could not have anticipated. With the gift of creating realistic, likeable characters, villains you can enjoy hating, the skill to weave a tortuous plot, and the knack of conjuring up an atmosphere of deep suspense, this is a writer who was born to spin a tale." "A well written short story reminiscent of M.R James et al. I'm such an addict of all things paranormal and download many to my Kindle app, however most are not as skillfully written as this, it has all the requirements of a spooky story." "I think others have compared HE Joyce's writing to the haunting yet chilling style of MR James, and I would definitely agree to this, except to say that this story is contemporary, yet loses none of the 'English village' charm that is timeless. Indeed The Reaping is a timeless tale, a tale of deep, mesmerising terror." "Lets just say to start with I read this book within a few days, I literally could not put it down! The twists in the story were very surprising. Definitely worth reading thoroughly enjoyed it, a great story line which keeps you intrigued and in suspense. Please write more!!!" "H. E. Joyce tells an absorbing, fast-paced story about an accountant, Tony Lovett who works for Mr. Goddard's firm. After working his way up to a better position, Tony loses his job and his status in society while his boss lives in the lap of luxury with his mistress. Then Tony has a very mysterious meeting with Jemma at the Cuckoo Club. Mr. Joyce is an excellent storyteller who is able to hold your attention." "An entertaining story that suggests throughout, something mysterious is waiting to happen."
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