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Angelic Magic Summary

If you're ready to drop all the negative energy that no longer serves you, then keep listening.... 

Are you tired of other people’s energy throwing off your goals and dreams? 

Have you ever wanted to express yourself the way you want, without letting outside energy negatively affect you? 

All too often we let toxic energy invade our boundaries. This tragically leads to us living nowhere near our best lives. 

But what if you could learn to easily let the archangels guide you to transform your negative energy into angelic power that will enrich your life forever? 

What if you could harness an abundance of power and energy and become as unshakable as a mountain? 

Such a small number of people know how to use these karma clearing secrets to enhance their lives. 

Behold, a complete guide to transforming your life with the power of the archangels. 

Most of us are living with high stress or depression simply because we have lost touch with the archangels. Connecting to the archangels is not a luxury but a deep need. 

“Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” (Albert Einstein)

Rub your hands together vigorously for a few seconds and then pull them slowly apart. Can you feel that tingling? That’s energy! You’re feeling your aura radiating around your hands. 

By aligning your energy frequency to the archangels, you will be able to attract more abundance and manifest a better lifestyle that suits God’s design, and you will find that it comes easily to you.  

Here is just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover:

  • The archangel you must call upon before any other angel, or you're at risk of inviting negative entities!
  • The real reason you’ve been unable to release spiritual blockages and how to fix it
  • The effective armoring secret to properly protect yourself from negativity and any energies of malice
  • Why the violet flame force field keeps leaving you and how to seal it within you
  • Easy to follow exercises, mantras, and affirmations to transform your negative energy and upgrade your life
  • The essential items you should carry for passive karma cleansing
  • Why you have stopped growing spiritually and how to correct it
  • A unique visualization to improve the aura of your home that will leave your guests awestruck
  • What your sore throat and stomach ache is really trying to tell you
  • The reason why the archangels haven’t been able to help you before and the easy way to fix it
  • How to understand Uriel’s messages to you through animal encounters
  • The easy way to channel Uriel in your daily life and maximize your energy
  • How to invite Uriel to stand guard over you, your loved ones, and pets with his sword of protection
  • Why your therapist may be damaging your aura and letting in more negative energy!
  • How to manifest while you sleep using Metatron’s transformative power (and the right way to invite him)
  • Bonus! Free 10 minute guided meditation inside!
  • And much, much more....
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