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William Blake

A Collection
Narrated by: Sir Ralph Richardson
Length: 54 mins
4 out of 5 stars (13 ratings)

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William Blake is now considered one of the giants of poetry.

During his life, and for many years after, he was thought of as mad. His wide ranging skills not only encompassed poetry but bestrode the visual arts too, with paintings and printmaking.

Unfortunately Blake could never fit in to what society expected of him, and his attacks on religion did not help. But his work was the true measure of his worth and remains with us today. Although he lived to be 70, the great bulk of his poetry was completed by the age of 51.

In our production, we have extracts from 'Songs of Experience' and 'Songs of Innocence'.

Our selections are read by the remarkable Sir Ralph Richardson, one of the grandees of English film and theatre.

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    4 out of 5 stars

First rate recording, recommended to read along to

Exemplary recording, every home should have one, just lacking - sadly and as usual from Audible, adequate titling and chaptering. Here's what you'll find and where:
Reeds of Innocence 0.
The Echoing Green 1.10
The Lamb 2.08
The Shepherd 3.07
Infant Joy 3.36
The Little Black Boy 4.16
Spring 06.20
Nurse's Song 07.01
‘Twas on a Holy Thursday 07.57
The Blossom 09.08
The Chimney Sweeper 09.35
The Divine Image 11.10
Night 12.17
On Another's Sorrow 14.28
The Little Boy Lost 16.05
The Little Boy Found 16.35
Hear the Voice of the Bard 17.05
Earth's Answer 18.06
Nurse's Song (II) 19.30 (Songs of Experience)
The Fly 20.07
The Little Girl Lost 20.54
The Little Girl Found 23.02
The Clod and the Pebble 25.15
The Tyger 25.56
A Poison Tree 27.27
The Angel 28.19
The Sick Rose 29.21
The Voice of the Ancient Bard 29.46
My Pretty Rose Tree 24.54
Ah! Sun-Flower 30.53
The Garden of Love 31.28
A Little Boy Lost 32.10
Infant Sorrow 33.25
The Schoolboy 34.01
London 35.11
A Divine Image 36.04
The Mental Traveller 36.32
Mock On, Mock On, Voltaire, Rousseau 42.13
I Asked a thief 42.54
I Saw a Chapel 43.30
Auguries of Innocence 44.22
To the Muses 50.58
O, I say, you Joe 52.00
The Crystal Cabinet 52.36
Jerusalem 54.08

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    5 out of 5 stars

Truly great actor reads truly great poems.

Ralph Richardson may have been less feted that his great contemporaries, Olivier and Gielgud, but a study of their respective canons shows him to be easily their equal. In this collection his magnificent vocal skills combine perfectly with Blake's visionary work to provide a splendid product. The warmth and clarity of Richardson's tone bring a deep humanity to these readings, a quality which couples perfectly with Blake's own deepest concerns and intentions. Rather fine, actually.

2 people found this helpful