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Under the Moon Bundle Audiobook

Under the Moon Bundle: Books 1-3

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Publisher's Summary

Magical lineage. Demonic temptation. And the power to overcome the odds.

The Harper family has quite the reputation of being a powerful force in the magical world. Sister witches Samantha and Kathy have taken out their share of bad guys long before Samantha had Josh and Chris to take care of. Still, the power that they all wield is regularly put to the test with the many enemies who come their way.

Meanwhile, the Bowen family has been fighting to survive a curse put on them by the evil witch Toxanna. So far she has succeeded in her quest to kill every last member of the family. While the number of Bowens quickly shrinks, Danielle and her husband try their best to find a way to overcome their archenemy before the birth of their daughter.

Both families must overcome the odds to defeat their enemies or the power in each family line will end with them.

©2017 David Neth (P)2017 David Neth

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  • LilMissMolly
    Dublin, OH
    "Extra ordinary witch story."
    Any additional comments?

    Under the Moon is a collection of stories by David Neth that focus on good witches fighting evil and demons. What I enjoyed most about this collection is that the witches are basically real people holding down regular jobs and raising families like everyone else. However, they will also exhibit unique abilities when and if the need arises to fight evil.

    The first book in the collection is Under the Full Moon, where the focus is on two sisters who are both powerful in the magical world. Samantha is a hard working single mother to two teenaged sons, Josh and Chris. Kathy is more of a free spirit who lives with Samantha and helps in taking care of the boys. The balance in the household changes dramatically when Kathy meets Will, immediately falls in love with him, and gets married to him under demonic law all in the span of a few weeks.

    The second book in the collection, The Harvest Moon, appears at first to be unrelated to Under the Full Moon. At the beginning it centers around Danielle Bowen and her husband Simon as they attempt to evade the Bowen Family Curse that was placed on them by Toxanna, an evil witch who wants nothing more than to end the Bowen family line. While I never understood why Toxanna desired such ill will upon the Bowen family, she did leave Danielle and her husband Simon alone for long stretches of time. This time gave Danielle and Simon sufficient time to relax and let down their guard and conceive a daughter.
    What Toxanna does to Danielle shocked me by how heinous it was (while at the same time it was pretty ingenious). The second half of the book primarily focuses on Simon raising his daughter Holly the best he knows how, including finding her an instructor in the art of witchcraft and in fighting off Toxanna.

    The third book in the collection, Blood Moon, blends the first two books in the first few chapters, including a more detailed final scene from the first book where a major character is killed off. It turns out that Danielle communicated frequently with Samantha and they deduced that a greater evil was in play than just the few demons toying with each of their families. This book centers around Holly, Drew (her witch instructor and potential love interest), and Samantha's sons Josh and Chris (who also has a major crush on Holly). While at times the love triangle between Holly, Drew, and Chris was pretty comical with Chris trying to "one up" Drew in front of Holly, the teenagers fight some heavy evil forces and rise to the occasion. A few more characters are permanently dispatched and it is clear that the youngsters will proudly carry on the legacies that their parents and forebears laid before them.

    In summary, I really enjoyed this audiobook narrated by Nathan Weiland. While the dialog did not always flow naturally, there were several tense and thrilling fight scenes. I also grew to care for these characters over nearly 21 hours of listening. I easily empathized with them and their struggles just to lead normal lives.

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  • Trisha
    Arkansas, USA
    "Cliff hanger"

    While I liked these books, they didn't seem keep my attention in a way I would have liked. It seemed like every time I would really became interested, a "book" ended. When it picked back up, the stories didn't necessarily follow directly from the end of the last one and there would be a "catch up and here's what happened last time" series.

    This review copy audiobook was provided by the author/narrator/publisher free of charge.

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  • Anna Vanti
    Thessaloniki - Greece
    "Good Witches Vs Dark World"
    If you could sum up Under the Moon Bundle in three words, what would they be?

    Firstly, I would like to say that I was given these books for an honest review and thank you very much for giving me the chance to listen to them. So far, I've listened to the first four and I found them very interesting and exciting. I think they would be better if there was a two narrator combination man/woman although Nathan Weiland does a very good job to the male parts, in my opinion a woman's voice for the female parts would be much better. It reminded me too, a little bit of 'Charmed' but in a good way not that they are the same. The plot is interesting and not at all boring.Off to the fifth one now! Thank you very much again David Neth and Nathan Weiland of course for these books :D

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  • Dawn Fuhrman
    Pennsylvania USA
    "A book full of suspense and drama."

    This book is similar to the show Charmed. It is about sister witches, one with two boys and similar powers. But that is where the similarity ends. The struggle between good and evil is an everyday occurrence. The adolescent boys just coming into their powers are the catalyst that creates a whirlwind of events. These events show how a small mistake can change everything for good or bad. Luckily, witches have powers that can help where mere mortals do not.

    I really enjoyed this series. I was shocked when it completed and I was left wanting more. I was so drawn into the story as it captured my imagination. The narration was perfect. Nathan Weiland was easy to listen to and he captured the emotions, attitudes and environment of each scene and character superbly.

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  • Pat
    "These are some of the best books I have read."

    These books are read very well ... the reader put me right there in the story. The auther has the perfect rethym, ties up the loose ends , with OMG, twist and turns. I woul highly recommend ...very good reed.

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  • Annabelle
    "Worth the time!"
    If you could sum up Under the Moon Bundle in three words, what would they be?

    Something really different.

    What did you like best about this story?

    The pace of the action.

    Have you listened to any of Nathan Weiland’s other performances before? How does this one compare?

    Nathan is actually new to me. I enjoyed him though.

    If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?

    Mesmerizing in every way.

    Any additional comments?

    I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator for an honest review.

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  • Melissa and Josh
    "Not My Cup of Tea"

    I received this audiobook from the author for an honest review. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to finish the entire series. I was gifted with the bundle pack (books 1-3). After a point, the story just didn’t seem to hold my attention as it had done prior. I felt like I was forcing myself to listen to it and I hate doing that. Not sure what the issue was because I usually love supernatural type stories...anyways, I'm giving this bundle pack a 3 star. 1. Because I did like the majority of book 1 or the first chunk I did listen to and 2. Because I didn't actually finish the series. After looking at other reviews, I just realized that I never even finished the first book...

    I’ve said this multiple times throughout my experience of listening to audiobooks… I wish instead of just having a single narrator or a male narrator for a female lead character or vice versa, that it were possible to have two narrators—a male for the male characters and a female for the female characters. I take issue with the fact that the two main characters of this story are females, yet, it’s a male narrator.

    There were many times throughout this story, at least listening to the narrator where I felt the dialogue was robotic. Obviously, when someone reads a story in their head they can tweak the writing to make it sound more natural. Sometimes the narrator naturally does this, sometimes he or she doesn’t. In this case, he did not.


    The whole cop scenario really annoyed me. He shows up at Kathy’s house wondering where she’d been the evening the water monster (forgot its name) was killed. The cop was looking for a specific couple from that evening based on eyewitness descriptions. Obviously, Kathy went to dinner with Nick and he was the one who paid the check with his credit card. So…why did he show up at Kathy’s house and not Nicks? How did the cop know Kathy had been with Nick that night? That part doesn’t make sense to me.

    The whole situation of Kathy and Will attempting to kill her sister to suddenly everyone being hunky-dory and family again was too big of a 180 for my liking. I swear the last few times I listened to this story (or attempted to listen to it) it’s like I was skipping parts or something. All these bad guys kept appearing and I’m sitting here like, “Okay, did I miss something?” Yet, because the story was no longer really interesting me, I never bothered to go back to confirm I was at my previous point. That was probably my fault for the inconsistencies in that area though.

    I never got to a point where it was declared that Nick did anything more to Kathy beside the infatuation spell at the beginning of the story with the earring. Therefore, I never understood how Kathy could have changed so much, prior to even marrying Nick and then afterward it was like she was a completely different person. Did she marry Nick and decide to become evil just to get back at her sister? To prove she was an adult? Or what about when she attempted to kill her sister even though that would have left her nephews orphaned? She really had no qualms moving forward in that area?

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  • Rachel Mathis
    Big Spring, Texas
    "Took a bit, but I enjoyed it"

    I struggled to get in to the first book in this series, The Full Moon for quite a while because it strongly reminded me for the television show, Charmed specifically Phoebe and Cole's storyline in the fourth season. Being a huge fan of said show, I felt that the early plot was a re hashed version of that. The narration was good but the voice that Mr. Weiland chose for Kathy the main character grate on my nerves. I chose to soldier on because I have never quit a book before the end in my life and was not about to start now.
    I'm not sure when I started to truly enjoy this book, but I found myself driving along on my way home from work talking back to the book like I could reason with Kathy after a particularly stupid move. I was hooked.

    The second book was a little jarring at the start because I expected a direct continuation of the first book and off the bat I was introduced a whole other magical line. Slowly, the two story lines were woven together

    The third and final book, The Blood Moon, with the cast from both previous books working together seamlessly was my favorite of the three. My only small gripe is that the incantations that were used are very simplistic and reminded me of Nursery Rhymes

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  • Amazon Customer
    "great series"

    I read them all! Really liked them. Story line, characters, humour! Only thing missing is more books! Lol. Kudos David! Everyone will really love these! there are moments when you think oh no and then a little good happens. love the way seemingly unrelated storylines are really etertwined together!

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  • Rosemary Hughes
    "Witches versus evil"

    Book 1 - The Full Moon
    An attractive man, Will, who was accidentally encountered, ends up being a Dark knight, who although attracted to Kathy, and ends up courting her, or he has a ulterior motive, that of wanting to take over the control of the Underworld.
    Various attacks occur against the two witches and their family. Samantha feels as though Will was the root cause of all these attacks, and she and Kathy are loggerheads over Will and Kathy's involvement.
    Book 2 The Harvest Moon
    We are introduced to the evil of Toxanna when she curses the family of a young girl, who dared to stand up to her while she was preying on those down on their luck . The first casualties being the young girls parents. We are taken on a journey .with
    the Bowen family, as they are pursued by Toxanna over the generations.
    Book 3 The Blood Moon
    The Harper family and the Bowen families encounter each other, and through working together, combat the power hungry magical beings, who wish to do harm to those who dare stand for goodness and what is right.
    This is a fantastic series, of a world where people live with magic and hide it, from the normal humans, who do not know that magic is real. It shows the complex lifestyle of someone caught trying to make a living in a normal world, whilst dealing with demonic threats.
    I loved the audio rendition of this series of books.

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