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It reads like fiction but it's true. The thrilling, true story of a teen girl’s struggle to survive in a world bent on destroying her.

Run Rachel Run is a true story, not just based on a true story. Rachel Blum was 12 when the Nazis invaded her town. Over the next three years, she witnessed war, risked her life to smuggle food for her family, escaped liquidation, hid with a kind Polish couple whose son worked for the SS, was questioned if she was a Jew by an SS General, and engineered an incredibly dangerous scheme to overturn a moving trainload of 1,000 Nazi soldiers.

Hers is not just an incredible, action-packed story, but represents a character arc that young women, young men, and adults of all types can draw inspiration from. She did not begin as a selfless, courageous young girl she came to be. Her strength and determination evolved through her experiences.

Once you start Run Rachel Run, you won’t be able to put it down. Once you finish, you’ll be shivering in awe at how invigoratingly heroic the story of Rachel Blum is.


July, 1944. Ivan Roluk couldn’t believe he was listening to a 15-year-old girl and putting his life and the life of his family in her hands!

But she was right. Driving trains for the Nazis for three years now, he knew exactly who the Germans were. He knew that there were once more than 20,000 Jews in the girl’s home town of Ludmir, and now there was only one. The courageous young girl, Rachel.

Rachel, who had just convinced him to risk his life as well as the life of his wife and son.

There was a risk either way, of course. The war was coming to an end and who knew what the Germans would do to them once they didn’t need his services any longer. It was a risk to do it, but a risk not to do it.

He looked behind him. The 20 train cars filled with over 1,000 wounded Nazi soldiers snaked behind his engine-car like a meandering river. In the caboose at the tail of the train was his wife, his son and the little Jewish girl.

Suddenly, he heard a slam. What was that? It sounded like the door connecting the engine-car to the first car, which was occupied by high-ranking Nazi officers. Was one of them coming up front?

The moment of truth had arrived.

He thrust the throttle full ahead.

The train jerked forward. He looked out the window. There, up ahead, was the bend! Had he waited too long?

There was no more time to think. There was no more time for fear. It truly was now or never. He leaned out the open side door...

©2017 Jeffrey Astor (P)2019 Jeffrey Astor

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