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  • May 20 2022

    David Abrahamovitch is the CEO and Founder of Grind. Grind has expanded across London with cafés and a coffee roastery since its inception in Shoreditch in 2011. David took Grind online when he was forced to close his cafés due to lockdown and since then, hundreds of thousands of people have used Grind to make better, more sustainable coffee at home.

    Grind creates compostable Nespresso coffee pods that decompose faster than a banana peel in your compost or food waste bin. They use organic and ethically sourced coffee from around the world. Despite going to a school that pushed its students to aim for a career working for somebody else, David knew he was capable of more and now wants to help other young entrepreneurs do the same.

    In this episode, David explains his story of starting a coffee brand before anybody knew what a ‘flat white’ was, and he shows us how he has built a business that is now taking on the huge coffee brands around the world.

    “What you have to do as the organisation grows is be responsible for the culture. You have to be responsible for making big decisions, and you have to be able to get all of the experts that work for you to point in the same direction. That’s not always easy.”


    • David’s background
    • How Grind started
    • Hiring people who are better than you
    • How Grind survived the pandemic
    • How to take on the big brands



    David Abrahamovitch:


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  • May 13 2022

    Alex co-founded Champions Life Academy, a sales and marketing organisation that gave students with job experience fundraising for charity, before starting his own business. He spent three months giving daily presentations to university students as part of his job.

    The chance to develop and organise TEDxClapham, a public speaking community event in South London, presented itself. He accomplished this in conjunction with Champions Life Academy until 2016, when Alex and his colleagues decided to close the firm. He organised a public speaking session for Google Startups Campus, a group of entrepreneurs that come to Google for events, guidance, and mentorship. Following that, 10 individuals signed up for his trial public speaking programme, launching his company.

    What makes a successful public speaker, according to Alex, can be summed up in one word: empathy. "It has nothing to do with whether you're introverted or extroverted; it's all about empathy and being tuned in to your audience." Simon and Alex examine what it takes to be a world-class speaker in this episode, as well as why purpose comes first in the company.

    “Don’t let yourself get in the way of the opportunities that get thrown at you, because you never know who’s going to be watching.”


    • Getting into public speaking
    • Does scale matter?
    • Working with family, good or bad?
    • Public speaking advice:
    • Audience advice
    • How to start public speaking
    • The title of your speech
    • The beginning + end of the speech

    Alex Merry: https://alexmerry.com/

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  • May 6 2022

    Hannah Russell is the founder and CEO of a podcast company called Mags Creative. We make shows that reach millions of people every month. Mags Creative work with top-tier brands like Facebook, Google and Puffin to make branded content that people actually listen to and they produce shows exclusively for the likes of Spotify and Amazon. They also create Mags Creative Originals which are Mags’ own shows, developed and built by themselves. 

    Hannah started the business with her sister and business partner Faith in 2018 and they have grown to be one of the largest independent podcast companies in the UK. They don’t come from radio backgrounds – but instead marketing, talent and press – so they always focus on finding and developing an audience for their shows.

    Mags have never raised investment and have built the business over the last 4 years through revenue. In this podcast, Simon and Hannah discuss how to start a successful podcast, how Hannah built her success, and if there is even space for new podcasts to become successful in 2022. 

    “There is a lot of competition in the podcast space, but I wouldn’t be put off by that. Podcasting is still a huge industry and a great opportunity for people to find their audience.”


    • How Hanah got into podcasting
    • Is there still room for new podcasts in 2022?
    • Company vs personal podcasts
    • How to get a sponsor
    • Patience
    • Tips to grow a podcast
    • Paid advertising

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