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Protecting your privacy

We know that you care about how your information is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust in us to do that carefully and responsibly. Our focus on customers includes a commitment to privacy and data security, and over the years, Audible has built various ways for you to manage and access your data in our sites and services. Find out more below.

What information does Audible collect about me?

Your interactions with our apps, sites and services create data that is automatically stored by Audible; for example, when you open the Audible app, listen to a title, download a title, search our catalogue, leave a review or contact us for help. We also use your contact details, content preferences and shopping history to improve your experience and to invent new ways to make things even better for you in the future.

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Why does Audible collect this information?

We collect your information for a number of reasons: as part of our agreement with you (so that you get recommendations that are relevant, and can always download a title you’ve purchased); to fulfil our other obligations (we need to know where you are so that we can only sell you content we have the right to distribute in your territory); to help us fix errors and improve the Audible service (including our app and sites); and in some cases because we’re required to do so by law.

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How does Audible use my data?

Data helps us to personalise and continually improve the Audible experience. Here’s all the ways we use it:

  • We use your personal information (like name and billing address) to handle your orders and payments, deliver your content and provide you with the right content (e.g. re-downloading prior purchases).
  • Your personal information enables us to analyse our performance so we can fix errors and build features and functionality (like Car Mode) to improve usability and effectiveness of our sites, applications and services.
  • We use your personal information to recommend features, products, and services that might be of interest to you, to identify your preferences, and to personalise your experience of Audible’s apps, sites and services.
  • In certain cases, we’re required by law to collect and store your personal information. We may also process information in order to fulfil contractual requirements (e.g., we may use your location to make sure we’re only showing you content that is licensed in your territory).
  • We use your personal information to communicate with you about Audible (e.g., by phone, email, chat).
  • We use your personal information to display interest-based ads for Audible content, products, and services that might be of interest to you. To learn more, please read our Interest-based Ads Notice
  • We process information to prevent or detect fraud and abuse in order to protect the security of our customers.
  • We may occasionally ask you to consent to sharing personal information for a specific reason (e.g. a survey about your shopping habits). In these cases, you may withdraw your consent at any time and we will stop any further processing of your data for that purpose.

How does Audible keep my data secure?

Any time data moves between your devices or our databases, we encrypt it to keep it secure. Protecting information about our customers is key to our business and we are not in the business of selling your personal information to others.

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How can I control Audible’s use of my data?

If you have any questions or objections as to how we collect and process your personal information, you can contact our Customer Service team.

  • You can choose not to provide certain information to Audible. By doing so, however, you might not be able to take advantage of many of the Audible services and features (e.g., our site won’t work properly if you don’t enable cookies).
  • You can add or update information on your Listener Page.
  • If you don't want to receive e-mail communications from us, please adjust your Email Preferences here. If you don’t want to receive in-app notifications from us, please adjust your notification settings in the app or your device.
  • If you don't want us to use your personal information to deliver Audible’s interest-based ads to you, please select your preferences in our Interest-based Ads Notice.
  • The Help feature on most browsers and devices will tell you how to prevent your browser or device from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie or how to disable cookies altogether. Because cookies allow you to take advantage of some essential Audible services and features, we recommend that you leave them turned on. For instance, if you block or otherwise reject our cookies, you will not be able to add items to your Basket, proceed to Checkout, or use any Audible services that require you to sign in. For more information about cookies, see our Cookies notice.
  • If you want to browse our websites anonymously, you may do so by signing out of your account (click on the “Hi, [your name]” drop-down menu and click “Sign Out”) and disabling cookies on your browser.
  • When you consent to our processing your personal information for a specified purpose, you may withdraw your consent at any time and we will stop any further processing of your data for that purpose.

Subject to applicable law, you also have the right to request access to, correct, and delete your personal data, as well as the right to obtain, move, copy or transfer your personal data for your own purposes (“data portability”). You may also object to our processing of your personal data or ask that we restrict the processing of your personal data in certain instances. Please contact Audible Customer Service for more information.

What about cookies and third party advertisers?

To enable our systems to recognise your browser or device, to provide the Audible experience to you and to improve Audible, we use cookies.

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We use your personal information to display interest-based ads for Audible content, products, and services that might be of interest to you.

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Who does Audible share my data with?

Information about our customers is an important part of our business and we are not in the business of selling our customers’ personal information to others. Audible in Europe shares customers’ personal information only as described in our Privacy Notice.

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Audible services may include links to other websites and apps, which may collect information about you when you interact with their content, advertising, and services.

How do I manage emails I receive from Audible?

Learn how to edit your email preferences on our Help Centre here

What about push notifications?

You can control push notifications via the Settings screen in the Audible mobile applications. Learn more by visiting our Help Centre.

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How do I close my account?

You can close your Audible account at any time by contacting our Customer Service team.

What if I want you to delete my data?

You can contact us here if you don’t want us to store your data any more – but bear in mind we will have to close your account to do that, and you will not be able to access previous purchases.

I’ve got more questions about privacy and my data, what should I do?

You can contact us here 24/7.