The Black

3 books in series
4 out of 5 stars 195 ratings

The Black: A Deep Sea Thriller Summary

Under 30,000 feet of water, the exploration rig Leaguer has discovered an oil field larger than Saudi Arabia. The oil is so sweet and pure, nations would go to war for the rights to it.
As the team starts drilling one exploration well after another in their race to claim the sweet crude, a deep rumbling beneath the ocean floor shakes them all to their core. Something has been living in the oil and it's about to give birth to the greatest threat humanity has ever seen.
"The Black" is a techno/horror-thriller that puts the horror and action of movies such as Leviathan and The Thing right into readers' hands. Ocean exploration will never be the same."
©2015 Paul E Cooley (P)2015 Paul E Cooley
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