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The Attack Summary

ISIS delivered a devastating attack, crippling not just one city, as on 9-11, but the entire country. 

The government, while disbursing critical supplies, decided that this was an excellent time to consolidate power, and for one senator, the chance to lock in the presidency. 

An opportunity to bring the right-wing, anti-federal-government gun fanatics to heel. 

The government moved quickly to disarm the populace, using control of food and fuel as weapons, but things did not go quite as expected. 

In Reset: Book 1 - The Attack, the longest of the tetralogy, the devastating attack is illustrated in detail, both at a large scale and at the scale of the individual victims. This is no longer just a big-city problem. The violence is unrelenting this time, exhausting in its scope, but people are learning they can't sit back and watch. They begin to fight back. The entire book covers the first 72 hours of terror.

©2018 Daniel Syverson (P)2018 Daniel L Syverson
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