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Smidgey Pidgey's Predicament Summary

It was a gorgeous summer day in Central Park, and Smidge and her brother Ridge had time to share one last adventure before it was time to grow up, as Mama Pidgey primly informed them. Yuk, where was the fun in that?!  

Smidge slapped Ridge’s wing with hers. “Hey, you hungry? Want to be real birds, and scavenge the park for seeds, or go see if Mrs. Laney is providing Pidgey takeout today?”  

Ridge rubbed his belly. “Yum, Mrs. Laney’s for sure! Maybe she put out french fries again,” he grinned mischievously.  

The two were so intent on their scramble for treats that when they heard the first squawks of protest, they assumed it was just a squabble over a savory morsel. Soon the cries became louder and more frantic, and more birds joined the chorus.  

Finally realizing something wasn’t right, Smidge and Ridge looked up from their breakfast.  

But it was too late - a black sack came down over their heads, engulfing them both and turning their world to darkness....

Who was stealing the city’s pigeons, and what’s to become of Smidge, Ridge, and the others? 

Find out in Smidgey Pidgey’s Predicament, excellent for ages eight and up and perfect for humane education in today’s classrooms. Includes vocab builders, as well as information about the very real threat to pigeons and what you can do to help these wonderful birds.

©2018 Tamira Thayne (P)2018 Tamira Thayne
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