• 6: Episode 6 | Andrew Duncan, Kelvin Properties
    Feb 12 2024
    Urban regeneration specialist Kelvin Properties' Land Director Andrew Duncan joins Jim and Murray to discuss their passion for ambitious restorations. 

    The conversation covers Kelvin Properties' journey so far, what's next and the current project, the HAUS-designed refurbishment of Napiershall Street School in Glasgow's West End. 

    The sensitive refurbishment includes key period features, including its central atrium and staircase and modern amenities, including a rooftop residents' community garden designed for dining, wellness, and leisure.

    Find out more about Kelvin Properties > www.kelvinproperties.com
    Find out more about HAUS Collective > www.haus-collective.com
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    15 mins
  • 5: Episode 5 | James Blakey, Planning and Engagement Director of Moda Group
    Jan 30 2024
    James Blakey, Planning and Engagement Director of Moda Group, joins IN HAUS hosts Jim Webster and Murray Henderson in this episode as a special guest to discuss the role of architecture in creating sustainable lifestyles and connected communities.

    The episode delves into the transformative impact of community-centric design on city living, focusing on Moda Living's first development in Manchester, Moda, Angel Gardens, and Glasgow's Moda, Holland Park and upcoming Lancefield Quay. 

    Learn about Moda’s aim to deliver the world's best rental experience, the evolution of Moda Living's approach over the last decade, their successes, the scepticism they have overcome, and what’s next.

    Find out more https://modagroup.com/

    Get in touch with Jim or Murray 
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    27 mins
  • 4: Episode 4 | Dad, Are You an Architect?
    Dec 20 2023
    In this heart-warming festive edition of the IN HAUS podcast, Jim and Murray spoke with Ewan Proctor-Mason, Associate at HAUS and father of three🎅

    This episode unwraps the personal story of Ewan’s experience balancing his professional aspirations with his commitments as a father.

    Ewan shares some of the challenges and joys, people have helped along the way, and advice for Dads-to-be.

    Find out more at haus-collective.com
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    20 mins
  • 3: Episode 3 | Decade of Practice
    Aug 30 2023
    In this episode, co-founders Jim Webster and Murray Henderson sit down to reminisce about the journey of HAUS over the past decade.
    Listen as they share their pivotal moments, challenges, and successes and their vision for the future of HAUS.
    Find out more at haus-collective.com
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    20 mins
  • 2: Episode 2 | Route Out Of Homelessness
    Aug 1 2023
    In Episode 2 of the In-HAUS podcast, Jim Webster & Murray Henderson spoke to Frances McKinley from The Marie Trust ahead of their charity cycle to Berlin.

    Frances explained how the charity supports people experiencing homelessness in Glasgow and beyond and the major funding challenges the charity is facing.

    Tune in to hear more about their work and you can donate here>
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    9 mins
  • 1: Episode 1 | The Ride
    Jul 10 2023
    HAUS Collective is marking 10 years of practice by launching a podcast series to discuss ideas, innovation and the belief that architecture can make a contribution to the world that addresses social, cultural and economic issues, enhancing human experience.

    The series will cover topics from sustainability and urban planning to emerging technologies. Co-founders Jim Webster and Murray Henderson kick things off by reflecting on a decade of HAUS and discussing their charity bike ride to raise funds for homelessness charity The Marie Trust from Glasgow to Berlin, the city where the pair first decided to go into business together in a bar with the same name.

    Get more details on HAUS Collective at Haus-collective.com
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    15 mins