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  • Maximize Lifetime Value with Great Customer Experiences | With Izzie Rivers
    May 30 2023

    How can improved customer experience result in more sales and better customers? That's what we're discussing today with a lady who has 25 years of experience in the B2B media industry, working on many large accounts, including IBM, HSBC and Oracle.

    She recently founded Realm, a dynamic and modern B2B media agency that puts clients’ businesses’ needs first.

    A warm welcome to the Strategic Marketing Show, Izzie Rivers.

    You can find Izzie over at 

    Topics discussed on this episode include:
    • How easy is it to measure the financial impact of improving customer experience?
    • You say that an improved customer experience allows for an increased rate of self-selection - what do you mean by that?
    • How do you target users that are likely to be high-usage customers?
    • How does marketing better work with other departments, such as product, to enhance targeting?
    • How do you make your marketing more efficient, so that you’re spending money on the right areas?
    • How do you ensure that your brand experience appeals to the optimum target customer?

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    20 mins
  • Small But Mighty - What Lessons Can SMBs Teach Us About CX? | With Swanny Henry
    May 23 2023

    What makes customer experience great, and what makes it not so good? And what can big companies learn from small companies about customer experience?

    That's what we're discussing today with a lady who has 12 years of experience in customer-centric roles, both in France and the UK.

    She has worked mostly in luxury and tech, and her main driver is the positive impact her work has on others. She is currently the Customer Journey Director at

    A warm welcome to the Strategic Marketing Show, Swanny Henry.

    [You can find Swanny over at]

    Topics discussed on this episode include:
    • What are the key elements that create great customer experience?
    • What makes customer experience bad?
    • You’ve worked in both large companies and small companies - Why is the approach to customer experience different in a startup versus a bigger company?
    • What can big companies learn from small companies about customer experience?
    • How are customer expectations changing?
    • How do you build great customer experience into a marketing strategy?
    • How do you measure the impact of great customer experience on the business’ bottom line?
    • You have a case study that you’d like to talk about where going the extra mile proves to be extremely worthwhile.

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    28 mins
  • How to Win With Email Copy in 2023 | With Nikki Elbaz
    May 16 2023

    What email copy is likely to resonate with your target market and what's likely to turn them off? And has this changed much over the years?

    That's what we're discussing today with a lady who was the copywriter behind winning emails for eight and nine-figure eCom and SaaS darlings like Four Sigmatic and Shopify.

    She's the former Head of Email at Copyhackers and the current Founder of the Nicki Elbaz email consulting firm.

    A warm welcome to the Strategic Marketing Show, Nikki Elbaz.

    You can find Nikki over at

    Topics discussed on this episode include:
    • Is email more or less important than it used to be?
    • Why is that?
    • How has it changed?
    • What’s an example of a successful style of email for different stages of the buyer journey?

    - Awareness

    - Consideration

    - Conversion

    - Loyalty

    - Advocacy

    • What’s an example of a firm that’s making great use of email at the moment?
    • Not necessarily thinking about what we’ve been talking about so far, what's the number one thing marketers need to incorporate into their strategy?

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    22 mins

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