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The Double Life of a Serial Murderer

The Life of Serial Killer Herb Baumeister
Narrated by: Charles D. Baker
Length: 2 hrs and 22 mins

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A serial killer who never got to pay for his horrific crimes.

Meet Herb Baumeister. On the surface, he appeared to be a successful business and family man, but underneath lay a twisted psychopath. The Fox Hollow Farm, which he owned in Indiana, became the stage of his gruesome murders and is now known for its paranormal activities....

Westfield, Indiana, is a quiet suburb of Indianapolis, among other equally quiet Indy suburbs with names such as Carmel, Zionsville, and Fishers. The gay nightclubs of the suburb were the kind of places where members of Indy’s LGBT community would come to unwind, relax, and feel at ease.  

But it was these same havens of acceptance and community that became the disturbed man’s favorite hunting grounds. He would lure young men into his car and then on to his million dollar estate where he would wine and dine the unsuspecting victims before strangling them to death. However, Herb Baumeister would ultimately commit suicide before answering for his crimes or even explaining to the larger world why he did what he did.  

Many psychoanalysts have poured over the behavior of this twisted man to create quite a startling portrait. According to them, Herb Baumeister appeared to be a man who felt himself better than most. It has been presumed that it was this feeling of omniscience that led Baumeister to believe that he could do things that others could not.  

Only he was cunning enough to live a double life, with both components safely compartmentalized and separate, without a soul knowing. Only he could navigate through the complex worlds of business, society, and family, while simultaneously hunting other human beings like animals. Baumeister believed that while most others were caught for their misdeeds, only he could get away with murder.  

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