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Survival Essential Tactics

The Urban Prepper's Handbook to Preparing the Essentials for Modern Day Disasters
Narrated by: Violet Meadow
Length: 22 mins
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The fault in modernity lies in the ever-increasing feeling of security. This has been brought about by various technological advancements that, albeit having made life much easier, have consequently resulted in lenience. A lax mindset is a precursor for accidents and incurs greater losses during disasters due to insufficiently managed risk. Disasters are sudden catastrophic events, either natural or human-instigated, that result in a grave disruption of normal day-to-day life. Additionally they cause extensive damage to the environment, multiple deaths, widespread loss of material goods, and great distress among those affected.

These phenomena are often unpredictable and may lead to irreversible damage if not properly prepared for. And, to top it off, human response to such situations adds to the danger. Chaos runs amok, people panic and fend for themselves, and electricity, gas, water, and telephone lines may be cut off for days to weeks or even months. Rescuers may be dispatched to the scene immediately, but they cannot initiate the emergency response simultaneously to every person in the area. By the rules of triage, they extend help first to those who need it most and, depending on the severity of the situation, may need to search for the rest of the population. This is a process that could take several days. This is where the prepper comes in.

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