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  • A podcast about human-wildlife interactions and our relationship with nature. We talk about biodiversity, conservation, hunting and fishing, rewilding and more.
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  • Episode 105: Human, Nature with Ian Carter

    Sep 15 2021
    Keeping a diary can be a useful thing. Especially if the diarist focuses on events and experiences pertaining to their area of expertise. Ian Carter, naturalist, ornithologist and author, has kept his wildlife diary for over three decades. Ian worked for Natural England, a governmental advisory body, for twenty-five years. He has written articles for respected wildlife magazines and has co-authored papers in scientific journals. Ian was also involved with the Red Kite reintroduction programme and other bird reintroductions and wildlife management programs. It was therefore my pleasure to chat with Ian on my podcast about his latest book titled “Human, Nature - A Naturalist’s Thoughts on Wildlife and Wild Places” published by Pelagic Publishing. The book is an elaboration on Ian’s diary. It discusses his observations and extends them to wider philosophical questions related to our interactions with wildlife. Many of those questions and observations are quite similar to the ones I myself have accumulated over time. So I really enjoyed the opportunity to discuss them with Ian. I would definitely recommend Ian’s book to all wildlife enthusiasts. It comprehensively discusses most, if not all, topics related to nature conservation and our relationship with wildlife. A special shoutout to Pelagic Publishing, an independent academic publisher of books on wildlife, science and conservation. The Book: https://pelagicpublishing.com/products/human-nature Support the Podcast and Buy Me a Coffee: www.buymeacoffee.com/tommysoutdoors
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    1 hr and 11 mins
  • Episode 104: Project MarPAMM with Naomi Wilson, Anuschka Miller and Alex Callaway

    Sep 1 2021
    Conservation of the marine environment is prominently featured in many episodes of my podcast. Regular listeners have heard on many occasions the opinion that marine protected areas, or MPAs for short, is where it’s at. But as always in these cases, if you start digging and asking questions everything is more difficult than it looks at first glance. To start the discussion about MPAs, today I bring you an introduction to an environmental project called MarPAMM. Our guests are Dr Naomi Wilson from Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Dr Anuschka Miller from the Scottish Association of Marine Science, and Dr Alex Callaway from Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute. The goal of MarPAMM is to develop tools for monitoring and managing a number of protected coastal marine environments in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Western Scotland. Support the Podcast and Buy Me a Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/tommysoutdoors
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    1 hr and 14 mins
  • Episode 103: Hunter-Gatherers with Graeme Warren

    Aug 18 2021
    The term hunter-gatherers is often understood as a description of primitive people who live in an idyllic state of harmony with nature. In reality however, the lifestyle of hunter-gatherers is way more complex than most of us think. To shed some light on this fascinating subject and to clarify some misconceptions I bring you my conversation with prof. Graeme Warren of the University College Dublin, School of Archaeology. Graeme is a specialist in the Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherers, the leader of the UCD Hunter-Gatherer Research Group and a Vice-President of the International Society for Hunter-Gatherer Research. During our conversation, we touched on many interesting topics. The impact of hunter-gatherers on their environment, modern-day hunter-gatherers, political implications of archaeology and many more. We also touched on the often discussed topic of wild boar in Ireland. Finally, if you want to delve deeper into the topic of hunter-gatherers, you should check the website for the upcoming Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies (CHAGS13) by going to www.ucd.ie/chags13 Buy Me a Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/tommysoutdoors
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    1 hr and 16 mins

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