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Ozark Tall Tales

Length: 55 mins

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Editor reviews

These traditional folktales are told animatedly by two entertaining, professional tongue-flappers from the Ozarks. The stories are amusing to listen to and fun to think about later. This rapid-fire overview of a vanishing art, backwoods storytelling, includes such imaginary creatures as the sharp-clawed Gowerow and Ozark wonders like the six-pound crappie. Human trials are a frequent theme, with lessons for everyday living buried deep in the humor. The traditional music by John and Jan Corbin is easy on the ears, coming infrequently between a few stories. One cautionary note: The packaging states this tape is for "ages 9 and up." But parents and teachers may wish to decide if they want their children listening to one story after another peppered with Ozarkian expletives.


Professional storytellers Richard Alan Young and Judy Dockrey Young have scoured the Ozarks to collect these authentic stories. They spin culturally reflective stories that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, including: "The Meanest Man in Arkansaw," "The Cold-Trailing Coon Dog," "The Blacksnake Lie," "What the Doctor Said," "The Seventeen-Minute Sermon," and more.

For Ages 9 and Up

©1992 Richard Alan Young and Judy Dockrey Young (P)1992 August House Publishers, Inc.

Critic reviews

"The Youngs' stories accurately reflect the culture they are derived from and offer the hearer a vivid picture of that culture." (Teresa Pijoan, Storyteller)

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