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  • Lippy and Grumpy ignore the important issues of the day and instead ramble through a variety of topics, hopefully convincing some guests to take part too.
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  • It's a repeat - Davros solves the gnome shortage,  a sandwich snatching seagull, free parking and a WD40 based top tip

    Nov 26 2021
    We've run out of time this week to produce our usual high quality podcast (!) so he's one of our favourites. Normal service and our Advent Calendar will be resumed next week. Davros may have solved the gnome shortage we discussed in episode 30 despite having a stereotyped view of gnomes. He's also an expert on two-brained dinosaurs after Lippy's "top" brain comment. Lippy has a bee in her bonnet about the Champions League final being played in Turkey despite having two English teams playing. Neither of us know very much about football, nor the politics involved, nevertheless we don't think this is a good idea for several reasons. Gus the seagull has been making the news, having worked out to steal sandwiches from his local Co-Op. Grumpy has a great idea for a product that means you can eat your fish and chips on the beach without having half of it stolen by seagulls. We talk about how a student in America worked out how to park his Jeep on his college campus for free. Also the Ohio State Senator who, on a Zoom call, tried to disguise the fact he was driving his car at the time. People using Zoom is the gift that keeps giving! Grumpy marshalled at the Jigsaw Run, which aside from some wayward runners went well. He also found out something interesting about a large sheet of metal at Dunsfold Aerodrome. The screaming Tomato contacted Grumpy and mentioned the Dunning-Kruger effect, which Grumpy does his best to explain without offending anyone. Part of the effect is that you don't know you are doing it, so both Grumpy & Lippy apologise as they suspect they may be guilty. Grumpy has read the excellent book Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss several times and Lippy has read half. Well worth a read. Rant alert! Lippy has had a nightmare with solicitors and her house move, so close and yet so far. Grumpy has a Top Tip involving WD40 and a Fun Fact on feeding yourself for a year with a first class airline ticket
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    40 mins
  • Peter Pan, wedding dress shopping, is metal a liquid, holding an owl and car stereos

    Nov 19 2021
    Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep54 Last week we talked about Disney and Peter Pan and it turns out that the animated film was made in 1953 by Disney. Grumpy caused a kerfuffle on Facebook by showing a Christmas tree made from reclaimed horseshoes, with the horseshoes apparently upside down. Lippy has had a successful wedding dress shopping trip and typically Grumpy says "I've bought cars for a lot less" Grumpy has been pondering whilst welding horseshoes to make Christmas trees, whether metal is a liquid in a similar way to glass being classed as between liquid and solid. We expect research from the Screaming Tomato. We're in awe of the Peddling Picasso who has created an image on a Strava map depicting a man's head with a moustache with a bicycle. Three months in the planning and 8 hours to cycle. Grumpy suggests that with her new FitBit, Lippy attempts something similar. We both fancy robbing a bank, however don't fancy prison, so the Money Heist Experience in London seems to be the perfect solution. At a wedding fair, Lippy had the opportunity to hold an owl, which was an amazing experience. Despite the staring and head swiveling. Grumpy has had to rescue young blue tits from Lippy's old bedroom. Grumpy is very excited at the discovery of sound mirrors on Romney Marsh in Kent, an early form of radar. We have a quote from the late Rik Mayall that sums our podcast perfectly. Grumpy has found a 1980's car stereo to beat the Nissan Gloria. Grumpy's allotment has had a delivery of over 6 tons of top quality compost from the Royal Horseguards, no excuse for not growing anything next year. Lippy has a FitBit top tip and Grumpy has a geo-political fun fact.
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    34 mins
  • Non-sovereign state Sealand, Lippy's wedding dress shopping, misquoting film lines and massive vegetables

    Nov 12 2021
    Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep53 Lippy tries to sneak a sweet in at the start of the podcast only to find it's the sourest of the sourest. Karma I say. Grumpy owns up to a misleading statement about the amount of plastic a washing machine filter captures and to a wrong fun fact. The Cranleigh Lions bonfire and fireworks was a roaring success and Grumpy reminisces about Beaujolais night in France many years ago. Lippy has her wedding dress buying session this week and very little to organise. There's a bit of to and fro over the band playing the first song, however all is well. Grumpy has found a micronation six miles off the Suffolk coast called Sealand, on a World War 2 gun emplacement, previously used as a pirate radio station. Not recognised as a sovereign state by anybody other than the 50 people who claim to live there, despite having a constitution, parliament, passport and stamps. Richard Osman's House of Games has a sister show At Night on BBC1. Grumpy has seen it and he's not impressed and will go back to loving the 6pm version. In an episode full of odd stories, we cover the decision to pickle Horatio Nelson in brandy so he could be transported back to England aboard the damaged Victory. Was it the right decision? Should rum have been used? Lippy has been attempting to be cool by sliding into DMs. Nothing to do with a certain brand of boot. Anyway, Lippy made a suggestion to Pot Noodle and not heard anything. I can feel a social media storm coming on. Grumpy has been looking at misquoted lines from films and amazingly he's found most of them are too pedantic for him. Who would have thought? A story about Davy Crockett wrestling a bear on a series called Timeless reminds him of Lippy's bear story. She's not impressed. A gentleman called Peter Glazebrook has an obsession with growing massive vegetables and holds a number of world records. Four foot leeks and 67 pound cabbages are nothing unusual.
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    38 mins

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