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  • From gracing the screens of 3-million UK households a week in her biggest acting role to date, to “not having a bloody clue what’s coming next!” Actress, Screenwriter, and Actor's Coach, Adele James, shares an honest and unscripted, journal-like record of her journey toward becoming - and remaining - a “working” Actor. Speaking from a level of success that would be best described as “aspirational, but very much attainable”, adventure with Adele and her journal as she continues to pave her way - letting you in on all the thoughts, fears, plot twists and lessons that you won’t get (nor might you ever suspect...) looking at most people’s social media feeds. In The Room with Adele James (formerly Making My Way), is an in-real-time memoir of surviving and succeeding as an actor day-to-day in the ever-increasingly competitive (especially for a brown woman), entertainment industry. In equal parts an entertaining and inspiring listen for the actor and non-actor, alike. In The Room with Adele James is proudly sponsored by London Nootropics. Use code 'adelej' to get yourself 15% off any order of their adaptogenic coffee - exclusively at:
    Adele James
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  • 34: "Overnight" Success
    Oct 16 2023
    Well. What a 7 months it has been since we last spoke...

    I've been wanting to record an episode like this for the longest, but for the longest I haven't felt fully able to speak on my experiences this year. Even this is only scratching the surface of what I have learned recently, but listen up if you're keen for some insights on:
    - Overnight success vs overnight exposure
    - What it means to be a "working actor"
    - Doing the work of letting go

    I hope you enjoy the episode! For those of you who prefer to watch their podcasts, you can also catch this episode on YouTube by clicking here.

    Let me know what you think over on the ITR Instagram page 💛
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    38 mins
  • 33: 29 Things I've Learned As An Actor
    Mar 20 2023
    It’s the first day of Spring y’all & it’s also 🎉MY BIRTHDAY! 🎉 To honour *finally* entering the last year of my 20s, I wanted to share 29 things I have learned as an actor so far: 

    1. Everything passes
    2. If you ever need the toilet on set ask to go for a “10-1” (ten, one)
    3. You can feel so alone sometimes, but all actors want to be seen. None of us is alone in that
    4. The nerves never go away
    5. Things happen in the time they are supposed to
    6. Collaboration is the true gift of this industry
    7. There is no such thing as a bad offer in a rehearsal space
    8. No one will give a sh*t about that hair that’s out of place in your headshot
    9. Nothing is ever as it seems, be open to everything
    10. An agent should feel like a teammate
    11. Being an actor is the best job in the world, but it’s not the most interesting thing about you
    12. Downstage means the front of the stage. Upstage means the back of the stage
    13. Being number 1 on the call sheet is a huge honour but an immense responsibility
    14. Be kind to everyone. Not because you don’t know where they’ll end up, but because you don’t want to be an a$$hole
    15. That thing you’re struggling with now will seem so easy one day soon comparatively
    16. Direction is not a personal attack, take it
    17. Fretting about an audition won’t change the outcome
    18. There are worse things than being ‘out of work’
    19. This is a people business and some of the most amazing people are in this business
    20. Touring is gruelling, pack a solid survival kit of home comforts
    21. No one ever misses a job because they took a holiday
    22. You might have to miss a holiday to take a job though
    23. You always have more to learn about the craft of acting
    24. The work you make with friends is the best kind
    25. There is no shame in working a muggle job
    26. Every life experience you have is preparing you for some role, someday
    27. A great teacher/mentor is invaluable
    28. You deserve to be in every audition you’re called in for
    29. Life is short, don’t neglect the other parts

    Have a beautiful week! And some cake - we celebratin' x
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    50 mins
  • 32: A New Season Is Upon Us
    Feb 27 2023
    This week I am finally committing to less commitment when it comes to this podcast - with chest!

    It has been such an honour to produce this podcast weekly (for the most part) since December 27th 2021 and I hope that it has given a decent amount of insight into the plight of being a working actor, from a level of perceived success. I still have much more to learn and will still have much more to share, so this isn't goodbye! It's just a warning that from henceforth you can expect these episodes to come at you a little more sporadically, as I endeavour to deliver quality over quantity.

    And of course, there's a little sprinkling in there of a some rich takeaways I have had from some of my recent trips to the theatre and cinema.

    I don't know when we will speak again, but as soon as something significant happens I promise we shall. In the meantime, feel free to join my new monthly "check-in" newsletter via my coaching business In The Room, starting 1st March 2023. You can sign-up at Alternatively, you can also find me on any social media platform using the handle @adele_jjames 💛

    Until next time!
    Adele x

    If you have a topic idea for a future episode, please email it to:

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    27 mins

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