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Ask and the Universe Will Provide

A Straightforward Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams
Narrated by: Sonny Dufault
Length: 11 hrs and 51 mins
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Ask and the Universe Will Provide is about you becoming the creator of your future and helping you manifest your desires. Do not chance leaving it up to others; now you can design your future today. This really is your survival kit for changing your life to how you want it to be. The life of your dreams is waiting for you inside of Ask and the Universe Will Provide.

Leaving your future to pot luck is holding you back. You are worth more than anything, yet why do you leave everything to chance? You cannot really trust destiny to role you a winning situation from the dice of life. You would not go on a mystery holiday, so why do you handle your future that way?

If you are thirsty for change, Stephen Richards offers you the opportunity to design your own future. Unequalled and unparalleled, Stephen goes beyond manifesting and gives you the benefit of his experience that jettisoned his own life into the stratosphere of success. Change the state of your mind to extreme positivity with this jam-packed book that is full of manifesting guidance. You will find minute after minute of powerful yet easy-to-follow methods to create a new and rewarding future.

This is for your personal growth, to take you to the next level of manifesting by using the power of the universe.

People procrastinate over their new baby's name, yet they do not give a second thought about their future! The life of your dreams is brave enough to invest in your potential! Leave your past behind and embrace your new future. Do not leave your potential for others to decide what to do with; instead become the creator of your future.

©2016 Stephen Richards (P)2016 Stephen Richards

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