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Alpha Squad: The Complete Collection

A Collection of Steamy Bear/Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance
Narrated by: Audrey Lusk
Length: 14 hrs and 53 mins
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Why can't shifters and humans just get along?

It has only been a few months since humanity found out about the various shifters who live among them. This brave new world is not without its challenges, neither for the humans nor the shifters. Alpha Squad is formed to help law-enforcement agencies deal with shifter-related matters, and not a moment too soon! Follow the brave men and women of the squad as they try to come to terms with their new reality, catch criminals, and find love along the way.

Join Alpha Squad in this steamy paranormal romance you won’t want to put down. If you like Alpha City by Bryce Evans or Bear Patrol by Scarlett Grove, then you will love the Alpha Squad series by Lorelei Moone!

Boot Camp

Bear-shifter Eric King is asked to join Alpha Squad, a task force meant to promote cooperation between shifters and humans in law enforcement, but there are problems: Is Alpha Squad even a serious initiative? And how will he focus on his training when his inner bear insists the squad leader is his mate?

Friends & Foes

Alpha Squad has received its very first assignment, and bear-shifter Adam King is excited to jump headfirst into the action. Upon investigating a string of seemingly shifter-related murders, he finds himself torn between his job and the local police’s main suspect, Felicity Weir, female bear-shifter and Adam’s fated mate....


For the past six months, Thomas Blackwood has been serving two masters: He’s been an active part of Alpha Squad, but only on his old alpha’s say-so. When he finds himself stuck in between two sets of clashing orders, he must make a choice: Who does he truly serve? And what would the woman of his dreams, Private Callahan, think of him if she knew he was a traitor?


Upon joining Alpha Squad, bear-shifter-hybrid Sean McMillan realizes there's a lot more to being a shifter than occasionally sprouting some fur. His first mission: a double murder. That shouldn't be too hard for the experienced former police detective, but he didn't count on coming across lab assistant Erin Reid, who shows an unusual amount of interest in him. Strangely, the feeling is mutual....

©2017 Lorelei Moone (P)2018 Lorelei Moone

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  • Tee
  • 21-12-18

Male Alpha's Till The End

Boot Camp:
I had the privilege to listen to this series on audible Narrated by Audrey Lusk and I have to say that I loved it! I loved how Audrey told this story, her voice was so melodic it had me in a trance. This series started off with a big bang! I love a shifter story but this one was excellent and I can't say enough about this story. I do not want to give it away but I will give you a simple review for you to get the jist of the story.

The world has found out that there are shifters amongst them and are afraid. They do not want to be attacked and want to know they are going to be safe. So the government sets up a task force with the shifters and humans. The shifters are represented by Eric King and the human representative is Janine Williams. As these two work together things start to heat up when Eric realizes that Janine is his true mate.

Can Eric convince Janine that she is his true soul mate? Or will Janine going to run the other way?

Friends & Foes:
This is book two in the series and HOLY HADES it started off with a bam! Adam is recruited for the first assignment. The shifter refugee camp in Sevenoaks is under attack and livestock is being killed and then humans are being killed. The team has to figure out who it is and there is one person who is on their radar and it's one of their own Felicity.

Adam knows it is not Felicity but he has to prove it and it is going to be hard to prove when he is emotionally invested because Adam knows that Felicity is his true mate. Adam is struggling with his inner bear because he wants Felicity to be his mate. Felicity has dedicated her life to helping her people find housing and start their lives over again in a safe environment.As they follow the clues to catch the killer they soon find out that the person involved is someone they would have never expected.

Can they catch the killer before they run? Can he clear Felicity's name? Is Felicity going to become his true mate?

Lordy Lordy Lordy was what I was thinking while I was listening to this story. This is the third story in the series and it keeps getting better and better. I really loved this one because Thomas is the man. I loved how he was torn between his Alpha and his true soul mate. He is caught up in a web with his pack and he has to decide whether or not he is going to follow his pack or follow his heart.

Thomas's pack leader asks him to spy on the team and tell him everything that is going on. At first Thomas does this but he soon feels like he should be loyal to the team and his mate. There is a string of crimes going on and Thomas and the team must figure out who is committing these crimes. This is hard for him because he is not sure who to trust and who to believe.

Jill is watching Thomas because he is acting weird and she wants to know what is going on with him. As she delves deeper into what Thomas is doing she learns that she has feelings for him and more than a friendship but she can't act upon those feelings until she finds out what is really going on with Thomas.

Who will Thomas choose? Will he and Jill become mates? This one was such a rollercoaster ride I was sitting in my chair gripping it because I needed to know what was going to happen next.

Oh Man listening to this story had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. Sean has lived his life like a human not like a shifter so he is used to doing human things and not shifter things. So when he joins the Alpha team he is introduced to a new world and way of living. It is not easy for him to adjust but he does because he is ready to help his team out. There are murders happening and he wants to solve them and plus he is good at solving crimes.

Sean runs into some trouble when he is investigating the crimes and he is not sure what to do about this witness. He wants to believe her but he also feels something is off about her and suspects she knows more than she is saying. Plus Seans inner shifter wants to claim this woman as his own.

Erin's research project is boring so she thinks until she finds out that her research is more than what it seems and she will have to decide whose side she is on and what she is going to do but she vows to make it right and help Sean and his team out to discover the truth.

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  • Alicia H
  • 20-12-18

Different and enjoyable

So this is my first bear/wolf shifter story and in audible form it was quite entertaining!!

From the start of the first book, Boot Camp, where Janine and Eric meet I was pulled into this workplace romance. They try to keep things professional yet they manage to find romance anyways. Their dynamic is really great and the even though the whole team feels like they are there for show, as time goes on things start to show purpose and meaning.

In book two, Friends and Foes the team is given their first assignment and this leads Adam to find his mate Felicity, yet she is also the one the team believes to be the threat. As the book is full of action, Felicity, Adam and the whole must find a way to work together and find a killer. Enjoyed the protective nature of the male over his mate.

Book three, Infiltrator continues on with the team and it’s missions. The new member is a wolf shifter and he set his sights on Jill. It’s funny when Jill tries to ignore Thomas, she wants nothing to do with him knowing if she allows the connection to grow it will be unprofessional and bad. Bit these two cannot keep themselves away from each other. Loves the storyline about Thomas working both sides and the dilemma he is facing.

In Showdown, book four I really enjoyed Erin’s character. She was involved in a conspiracy that she believed to be against her moral compass and sets her sights in doing the right thing. Sean also is an admirable character that I enjoyed. This last book was definitely full of action and intensity as time is running out to find the killer.

All four book were definitely wonderful to hear and the narrator, Audrey Lusk did a great job. I was pulled into each story and the romance and action in each. Overall a great series and listening to it was definitely worth every minute of my time.

  • Overall
    5 out of 5 stars
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    4 out of 5 stars
  • Story
    5 out of 5 stars
  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .
  • 18-12-18

Narration gives it that additional layer

I love shifters, especially hot sexy, protective, confusing shifters. Now the shifters are out of the shadows and in to the light. With the help of Audrey Lusk, Lorelei Moone brings some of her fan-favs to us with clarity, smooth flow of audio, and a layer of connection on multiple levels. The audio was a bonus for those that have read it or not. You can continue on with your day an get a good listen with a good set of various characters, friends and foes.

Alpha Squad Collection of novellas was fun filled, some action, some intensity, some suspense, some shifting, some entanglements collection of Alpha, attractive, sexy, strong, protective, hot males shifters and a female or two. This was a complete series read with all the books in one place and one tap to have the next page on the screen. This made for a smooth reading afternoon early evening read.

Alpha Squad: Boot Camp – Eric and Janine
Eric and Adam find that they are heading for a new world of adventure and love. Eric just never expected that he would be working so close to the one that would be his for life. Janine has been chosen to help with the leading of the Alpha Squad. She just never expected to find that she would have so much to gain or lose all in one assignment.

Alpha Squad: Friends & Foes – Adam and Felicity
Adam, may just have to help put down his mate, Felicity. He knows deep down that she belongs to him and she could not be behind the attacks on humans. She determined to find out who was trying to frame her people for the attacks on the humans that were taking place so close to where there of unwanted shifters are located. Someone was out to get her and the shifters and make them pay for crimes they had no part in.

Alpha Squad: Infiltrator – Thomas and Jill
Thomas had me from the first book in this series. I found him to be enthusiastic and easy going. Private Jill Callahan was a rule follower, smart, and tough. She could assess a person well. I found them to have a simple connection. I found that they worked well together. When the question of loyalties came in to play I was a bit on the fence. I was not sure which way Thomas would go. I was confident in Private Callahan.

Alpha Squad: Showdown – Sean and Erin
Sean comes in to his own and shows what he's good at. He’s all grown up and knows right, wrong and justice. This mission will find that problem that has been plaguing the shifters and to a point the squad. With the help of Erin or hindrance. Just depends on how you view things. I loved getting to know both Sean and Erin.

  • Overall
    5 out of 5 stars
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    5 out of 5 stars
  • Story
    5 out of 5 stars
  • Tammy Payne
  • 16-12-18

Four Books wow !!!

In this audible we get four books. Shifters and a lot of action and romance too. The narrator does a wonderful job of each character and she is well spoken. The goal of the characters is to take down those causing harm to shifters. And of course along the way they find their mates. I loved the audible it brought these stories to life. Boot Camp: Eric and Janine Friends & Foes: Adam and Felicity. Infiltrator: Thomas and Jill Showdown: Sean and Erin