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BBC Dramatisations - John le Carré

  • The Honourable Schoolboy (Dramatised)
    by John le Carré
    Narrated by Simon Russell Beale
    4.60 (102 ratings)
    George Smiley has become acting chief of the Circus, but the credibility of the British Secret Service has been shattered. Smiley's adversary is Karla, the Soviet officer who masterminded the Circus's ruin. His battleground is Hong Kong and his choice of weapons is the Honourable Gerald Westerby. A brand new Radio 4 full cast dramatisation of the classic George Smiley novel by John le Carre, starring Simon Russell Beale. This is the sixth in the major new series of all eight George Smiley spy thrillers on radio.
  • The Looking Glass War (Dramatised)
    by John le Carré
    Narrated by Simon Russell, Piotr Baumann, Ian McDiarmid, Philip Jackson
    4.20 (68 ratings)
    When word reaches 'The Department' - an ailing section of British intelligence - that Soviet missiles are being installed close to the West German border, it seems the perfect opportunity to show Control and Smiley, their rivals over at the Circus, that The Department still has value. Former spy Fred Leiser is lured back from retirement to investigate, and manages to cross the border into East Germany in a dangerous night-time operation.
  • The Secret Pilgrim (Dramatised)
    by John le Carré
    Narrated by Simon Russell Beale, Patrick Malahide
    4.40 (67 ratings)
    Simon Russell Beale stars in this BBC Radio full-cast dramatisation of John le Carré’s last Smiley novel.George Smiley is one of the most brilliantly realised characters in British fiction. Bespectacled, tubby, eternally middle-aged and deceptively ordinary, he has a mind like a steel trap and is said to possess ‘the cunning of Satan and the conscience of a virgin'.
  • The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (Dramatised)
    by John le Carré
    Narrated by Simon Russell Beale
    4.50 (146 ratings)
    It is 1962: the height of the Cold War and only months after the building of the Berlin Wall. Alec Leamas is a hard-working, hard-drinking British intelligence officer whose East Berlin network is in tatters. His agents are either on the run or dead, victims of the ruthlessly efficient East German counter-intelligence officer Hans-Dieter Mundt.
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Dramatised)
    by John le Carré
    Narrated by Simon Russell Beale, Anna Chancellor, Alex Jennings, Kenneth Cranham, Bill Paterson
    4.60 (184 ratings)
    Smiley, wrestling with retirement and disillusionment, is summoned to a secret meeting with a member of the Cabinet Office. Evidence has emerged that the Circus has been infiltrated at the highest level by a Russian agent. 'Find the mole, George. Clean the stables. Do whatever is necessary.' Reluctantly Smiley agrees, and so embarks on a dark journey into his past a past filled with love, duplicity and betrayal.
  • A Murder of Quality (Dramatised)
    by John le Carré
    Narrated by Simon Russell Beale, Geoffrey Palmer, Marcia Warren
    4.30 (104 ratings)
    A Murder of Quality, set in the early 1960s, sees George Smiley investigating a murder in a public school. When the wife of one of the masters is found bludgeoned to death, Smiley, out of loyalty to an old friend, agrees to look into the case. But his investigation raises a multitude of questions. Who could have hated Stella Rode enough to kill her? Why was her dog put down shortly before the murder? And what did Mad Janie see on that fatal night?
  • Smiley's People (Dramatised)
    by John le Carré
    Narrated by Simon Russell Beale, Anna Chancellor, Lindsay Duncan, Maggie Steed, Alex Jennings, Kenneth Cranham
    4.60 (133 ratings)
    When a Russian émigré is found murdered on Hampstead Heath, Smiley is called out of retirement to exorcise some Cold War ghosts from his clandestine past. What follows is Smiley the human being at his most vulnerable and Smiley the case officer at his most brilliant; and it takes to a thrilling conclusion his career-long, serpentine battle with the enigmatic and ruthless Russian spymaster Karla.
  • Call for the Dead (Dramatised)
    by John le Carré
    Narrated by Kenneth Cranham, Eleanor Bron, Anna Chancellor
    4.50 (67 ratings)
    Simon Russell Beale stars in this BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of John le Carré's first novel, which introduced his most famous character, George Smiley. This dramatisation, set in London in the late 1950s, finds Smiley engaged in the humdrum job of security vetting. But when a Foreign Office civil servant commits suicide after an apparently unproblematic interview, Smiley is baffled. Refusing to believe that Fennan shot himself, Smiley decides to investigate.
  • A Perfect Spy (Dramatised)
    by John le Carré
    Narrated by James Fox, Harriet Walter, Julian Rhind-Tutt
    4.10 (47 ratings)
    A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of the bestselling novel by John le Carré, starring James Fox, Harriet Walter and Julian Rhind-Tutt. Magnus Pym, Counsellor at the British Embassy, is hosting a dinner party at his home in Vienna when he receives an unexpected telephone call that will profoundly affect his life. Once the guests have gone, Pym breaks the news to his wife, Mary: his father, Rick, is dead. In a state of shock, he says something Mary cannot understand - 'After all these years, I'm free.'
  • The Russia House (Dramatized)
    by John le Carré
    Narrated by Tom Baker
    4.40 (51 ratings)
    Tom Baker stars in this BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of John le Carré’s powerful thriller. In the third year of perestroika, London publisher Barley Blair is sent a manuscript from Moscow. Exposing Russian nuclear threats as a sham, the information - if it’s genuine - could shatter East-West relations. Jazz-loving, hard-drinking Blair is hardly the spymasters’ idea of the perfect agent, yet they are forced to send him to Moscow to make contact.
  • A Small Town in Germany (BBC Radio 4 Drama)
    by John le Carré
    Narrated by Kenneth Haig, Bernard Hepton
    4.60 (34 ratings)
    You're not to disturb, annoy or offend. They're walking on a knife edge out there, anything could tilt the balance.' Missing: one junior diplomat and 43 of the British Embassy's most confidential files. The timing is alarmingly significant: with neo-Nazi riots and radical student demonstrations, the threat to Germany's security is all too apparent. Britain's own Alan Turner is sent in, with instructions to tread carefully at all costs. But will he find the missing man and the files before the political situation erupts?