National Literacy Trust

Reading for enjoyment and sharing stories is an important part of literacy. It can affect a child’s success at school, mental wellbeing, empathy development, language skills, and so much more. We've partnered with the National Literacy Trust for several years, engaging people with the power of audio. Now, we're excited to share carefully selected audiobook picks from the charity, designed to encouarge children and young people to interact with stories, inspire them to find books that capture their imaginations and interests, and to give them stories they can share as a family. Discover more about the charity below and listen to clips of some of the recently recommended titles.

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National Literacy Trust picks

Discover the best family listens to experience together, including a curated 'listen and learn' selection of fun, inspiring and educational audiobooks.

Listen Up!

'We recommend Listen Up! for everyone who loves learning about our world and beyond. Rocket (the main character) finds out about space, plastic pollution and peaceful protest in this trilogy of exciting adventures with a sprinkling of fun facts.'

Blue Planet II

'Our planet's oceans are brought to life with characterful narration and sound effects. Discover the secret life of crabs, fish, sea otters, walruses and many more creatures of the deep and shallow waters of planet Earth.'

The Cosmic Diary of Our Incredible Universe

'A diary style journey through the history of the universe. Written by real life astronaut, Tim Peake, we recommend this audiobook to answer some of the biggest questions in the universe.'

Rise Up

'Incredible stories of young people who have changed the world, including Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg. Gripping narration and inspiring subject matter, with empowering and practical tips, such as advice for public speaking.'

Mum tells me that I never stop looking up...
Hard corals are the backbone of any reef...
The victorious voyage of Laura Dekker...
  • Listen Up! by Nathan Bryon
  • Mum tells me that I never stop looking up...
  • Blue Planet II by Leisa Stewart-Sharpe and Emily Dove
  • Hard corals are the backbone of any reef...
  • Rise Up by Amanda Li
  • The victorious voyage of Laura Dekker...