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Immerse yourself in the science fiction masterpiece that is the Dune Saga, transformed into a mesmerising audio experience. 

In the distant future, planets are controlled by noble houses in a feudal, interstellar society. Enter Paul Atreides, part of the ruling family of Arrakis. A desert wasteland with a sparse population, the planet is a coveted resource as the only source of melange – a drug that extends life and enhances abilities. Follow the story as different interests vie for Arrakis, all set in a world of political manoeuvring, rival factions, ecological challenges and sandworms. A story as fresh today as it was when first released in 1965, Dune is an all-time classic to add your collection. 

A cast of talented narrators take you deep into the Dune universe and paint a vivid picture of the futuristic setting. Including Audie award-winning Scott Brick and Simon Vance, the cast deliver a captivating performance with passionate and artful pacing. The world-class storytelling will leave you with the sand of Arrakis between your toes. 

After researching the ecology of dangerously unstable Sand dunes in Oregon, Frank Herbert unleashed Dune, the first tale in the series, in 1965. The science-fiction landscape would never be the same again. Deliberately suppressing the role of technology in his imagined future, Herbert explores the enduring human issues of politics, ecology and religion. The listener is invited into a universe with familiar human dilemmas played out in an unfamiliar place. 

Dune has become the world’s best-selling science fiction series, with first edition copies of the original novel fetching around £10,000. The original five stories form the core of an ever-expanding universe, including prequels, spin-offs, video games, films and TV series. The epic adventure has had a lasting cultural effect, inspiring environmentalists with 'living' descriptions of planets and providing names for features of Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. Dune is a timeless classic that will have you hooked.

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