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    Infected: A Novel | Scott Sigler

    Infected: A Novel

    • UNABRIDGED (11 hrs and 25 mins)
    • By Scott Sigler
    • Narrated By Scott Sigler

    Across America a mysterious disease is turning ordinary people into raving, paranoid murderers who inflict brutal horrors on strangers, themselves, and even their own families.

    Started well but became... tiresome.

    Always, Audio is always better imo

    Reviewed on 04 July 2014 by P. Mckenny (Bristol , UK)
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    Contagious  | Scott Sigler


    • UNABRIDGED (14 hrs and 54 mins)
    • By Scott Sigler
    • Narrated By Scott Sigler

    Across America, a mysterious pathogen transforms ordinary people into raging killers, psychopaths driven by a terrifying, alien agenda. The human race fights back, yet after every battle the disease responds, adapts, using sophisticated strategies and brilliant ruses to fool its pursuers. The only possible explanation: the epidemic is driven not by evolution but by some malevolent intelligence.


    Can't recommend this enough, I listened to the first book as a Podcast "infected" and I am buying this one. Great listen, every chapter leaves you des..Show More »

    Reviewed on 27 February 2009 by Martin (Inerness, United Kingdom)
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    Pandemic: A Novel | Scott Sigler

    Pandemic: A Novel

    • UNABRIDGED (19 hrs and 55 mins)
    • By Scott Sigler
    • Narrated By Phil Gigante

    The entire human race balances on the razor's edge of annihilation, beset by an enemy that turns our own bodies against us, that changes normal people into psychopaths or transforms them into nightmares. To some, Doctor Margaret Montoya is a hero-a brilliant scientist who saved the human race from an alien intelligence determined to exterminate all of humanity. To others, she's a monster - a mass murderer single-handedly responsible for the worst atrocity ever to take place on American soil. All Margaret knows is that she's broken. The blood of a million deaths is on her hands.

    what a way to go!

    best audiobook of 2014 so far

    Reviewed on 20 February 2014 by robert (clacton on sea, United Kingdom)