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Voyages of the White Skull Summary

Imagine a future where the fate of humanity is ruled by the vile and unforgiving government. Executions of the poor become daily occurences in order to make more room for the wealthy and the children of a new generation. A questionable agenda has been given to a dark, unforeseeable future and the hope of the people rests in unsure success of a starship named Horizon.

The search for humanity's new home has begun. Enter the White Skull, a drug-addicted pirate, who has given up on his own life could be the only hope humanity has left. With the help of an eclectic group of misfits including an eccentric homosexual colleague, an obsessed ex-girlfriend, and a mysterious female assassin bent on revenge and infatuated with diamonds, will this group of misguided adventurers be able to see past the darkness in their own hearts to find a better future for humanity? Find out in the first White Skull adventure.

©2004-present Jason Alan Jones (P)2013 Jason Alan Jones
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  • Book 1

    Voyages of the White Skull cover art
    • Voyages of the White Skull

    • A White Skull Adventure, Book 1
    • By: Jason Jones
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