The Legend of Hooper's Dragons

8 books in series
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If a Dragon Cries Summary

Legend says calamity follows the birth of a golden dragon. Hooper doesn't believe such nonsense. He is about to learn how utterly wrong he is. 

Years ago, dragons destroyed his family and home, leaving Hooper burned and broken. Hooper lives with the memory of seeing his mother die and the screams of his brother. The scars caused by dragon fire are nothing compared to the scars in his heart. Now this man-child is forced to feed them and clean out their stalls - he is the poop master. Bitterness fills his soul. In a strange twist of fate, he and a small band of refugees must save the one he hates the most of all - the dragon they call magic. Or the calamity foretold will come to pass. 

Come along for an exciting time in a wondrous world filled with heroes, villains, laughter, heartbreak and, of course, dragons. 

If a Dragon Cries is the first novel in the eight-book series, The Legend of Hooper's Dragons. Buy this incredible audiobook today! 

©2016 Gary J Darby (P)2018 Gary J Darby
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