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The Mystery of Coronado Cay: An Edward Prince Steampunk Adventure Summary

Take a fast, rollicking adventure through an alternate history with a light steampunk tale!

Start with the book where The Edward Prince Adventure series begins by C.K. Shackleton!

Prince is a roving reporter for The New York Telegram. It is 1905, and he is assigned to interview a powerful businessman in San Diego, California. A quick cross-country airship voyage is the last effortless thing he experiences on this trip. In San Diego, Prince encounters pirates, a beautiful Mexican woman, a famous fiction writer (L. Frank Baum), an infamous bandito (listen to find out), monstrous conquistador ghosts, murder, and so much more! Will Prince survive this adventure and make it back to New York City unscathed? 

Find out in The Mystery of Coronado Cay: An Edward Prince Adventure! A fast-paced adventure book that is light on description and allergic to slowing down.

The Edward Prince Steampunk Adventure series by C.K. Shackleton is an ongoing collection of stories that follows the adventures of news reporter Edward Prince. In each adventure, Prince encounters various historical figures and events from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a forgotten era of much progress. It was a time when more mechanics were invented and progress was made than any other period in history, but it was also a time that was fraught with danger!  

Prince always finds himself in scrape after scrape, only to escape either through his own wits or with the help of those he can trust. Each story is told with a focus on action, pace, and dialogue. This leads to a shorter tale, but each Edward Prince story is a satisfying stand-alone adventure that can be heard in only a couple hours while sitting on a plane, sitting in a line, sitting in a waiting room, sitting on a train, or sitting on the...well, you get the idea.

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