The Alex-Mont Kids Saga

3 books in series
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An Ulterior Motive Summary

Sport icon Will Hamilton, known in the world of baseball and society pages as the "Hammer", watched as prima ballerina Linda Lewis twirled unbelievably fast on pointed toes. Generally, classical ballet was not his thing, but as the spotlights followed her across the big, empty, darkened Broadway stage, he found himself mesmerized. The audience also seemed to be held in a state of suspended animation. He looked around him to see those sitting close to him with their eyes riveted on her and gleaming.

She was perfect in every dimension: tall, proportionally slim with perfect, strong, muscular arms, legs, and thighs. Her carriage was high, tight, and regal. Yet, she was as graceful as the swan her character portrayed. Linda Lewis, known in the theater world as “the Black Swan”, a rare species whose life - like all those in her profession - is completely consumed with dance to the exclusion of all else, including love. 

She’s lived with the demands she and others placed on her life and on her body to perform each time in perfectly flawless symmetry. Now, she fears her body will fail her, her career will end, and questions what she will do with her life once the cheering stops? 

Along the way, she’s been stalked. Her security team has kept her safe from harm, but if her stalker ever got his hands on her, the cheering may not be the only thing that stops.

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