From the Discovery of the Continent

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History of the United States of America, Volume I Summary

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Volume one of History of the United States of America: From the Discovery of the Continent by George Bancroft. A major US history series in six volumes. “Author’s Last Revision” 1888 by D. Appleton and Company.

Bancroft as US Secretary of the Navy established the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. He was a senior American diplomat in Europe, leading diplomatic missions to Britain and Germany. His comprehensive study of the origins and development of the United States caused him to be referred to as the “father of American history."

Narrated by Joseph Tabler

From the Author’s Preface:

… greater precision has been sought for; the fitter word that offered itself accepted; and, without the surrender of the right of history to pronounce its opinion, care has been taken never unduly to forestall the judgment of the reader, but to leave events as they sweep onward to speak their own condemnation or praise.

From the Author’s Introduction:

It is the object of the present work to explain how the change in the conditions of our land has been brought about; and, as the fortunes of a nation are not under the control of blind destiny, to follow the steps by which a favoring Providence, calling our institutions into being, has conducted the country to its present happiness and glory. 1834.

The foregoing words, written nearly a half-century ago, are suffered to remain, because the intervening years have justified their expression of confidence in the progress of our republic. The seed of disunion has perished; and universal freedom, reciprocal benefits, and cherished traditions bind its many states in the closes union. 1882.

Contents of the First Volume:
The United States of America as Colonies
Part I.
The English People Found a Nation in America
Chapter I. Early Voyages. French Settlements in America
Chapter II. The Spaniards in Florida and on the Pacific Coast
Chapter III. The Spaniards in the Mississippi Valley
Chapter IV. The Spaniards Hold Florida
Chapter V. The English Attempt Colonization
Chapter VI. England Plants a New Nation in Virginia
Chapter VII. Virginia Obtains Civil Liberty
Chapter VIII. Slavery. Dissolution of the London Company
Chapter IX. Restrictions on Colonial Commerce
Chapter X. Colonization of Maryland
Chapter XI. Prelates and Puritans
Chapter XII. The Pilgrims
Chapter XIII. New England’s Plantation
Chapter XIV. Self-Government in Massachusetts
Chapter XV. The Providence Plantations
Chapter XVI. Colonization of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut
Chapter XVII. The Prelates and Massachusetts
Chapter XVIII. The United Colonies of New England
Chapter XIX. The Place of Puritanism in History
Part II.
British America Attains Geographical Unity
Chapter I. The Fall and Restoration of the Stuarts
Chapter II. The Navigation Acts
Chapter III. Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Charles II
Chapter IV. Massachusetts and Charles II
Chapter V. New England and Its Red Men
Chapter VI. The Overthrow of the Charter of Massachusetts
Chapter VII. Shaftesbury and Locke Legislate for Carolina
Chapter VIII. Settlements in South Carolina
Chapter IX. Maryland after the Restoration
Chapter X. How the Stuarts Rewarded the Loyalty of Virginia
Chapter XI. The Great Rebellion in Virginia
Chapter XII. New Netherland
Chapter XIII. New Netherland and New Sweden
Chapter XIV. New Netherland, New Jersey, and New York
Chapter XV. The People Called Quakers in the United States
Chapter XVI. Pennsylvania
Chapter XVII. James II Consolidates the Northern Colonies
Chapter XVIII. The Revolution of 1688
Chapter XIX. Result Thus Far

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