A Neil Hamel Mystery

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North of the Border Summary

On one side of the border stands a murder; on the other, a killer. In between stands Neil Hamel, a woman with a passion for the truth.

“Don’t worry, Chiquita” was the Kid’s answer to almost everything, and right now Neil Hamel missed the Kid - her part-time lover and car mechanic. Neil had gone to Mexico as a favor to a man she shouldn’t be doing favors for, and what it got her was a face-to-face meeting with a corpse, a Mexican lawyer with a diamond pinky ring and a throat slit from ear to ear.

Returning home to Albuquerque, Neil can’t let go of the tangled scheme she has uncovered. Looking for the truth, she finds human predators and is soon hot on the trail of a killer.

©2013 Judith Van Gieson (P)2013 AudioGO
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