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Vegan Reformation: How to Become a Vegan for Better Health, Looks and Energy

Narrated by: Peter Rogers MD
Length: 1 hr and 44 mins

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The vegan diet saves lives. This audiobook shows you how to become a vegan and why it will optimize your weight, looks, and energy.

This audiobook explains how starch-complex carbohydrates satisfy hunger. Your intestine has to separate the fiber from the glucose, and this occurs gradually, so that starch maintains your blood glucose in the normal zone for a prolonged amount of time. This makes you feel good. Simple sugars like sweets tend to cause rebound hypoglycemia. Oils are liquid fat. Oil is routinely added to junk food because it gets the sugar and salt to stick to the food. Meat and oils make you fat. 

Greens and beans are the healthiest foods. Greens like spinach, broccoli, kale, romain, and arugula are the best foods to open your arteries wider because they increase nitric oxide, which causes vasodilation. This is analogous to Viagra, which increases nitric oxide in the johnson. 

Questions like "Where are you going to get your protein?" are answered. The vegan diet is proven to prevent coronary artery disease, and it reduces the risk of stroke and cancer. 

Problems with eating meat include saturated fat causing clumping of red blood cells, which is called Rouleaux formation (stack of coins). Rouleaux makes your blood thicker (increases viscosity), which increases blood pressure. Rouleaux causes atherosclerosis, which increases your risk of myocardial infarction and stroke. The saturated fat is also incorporated into the membranes of red blood cells, which makes them less flexible (less deformable). This also increases blood viscosity. Stiff RBCs are less able to deliver oxygen to the tissues. Rouleaux-related thick blood with stiff RBCs are also less able to deliver glucose to the skeletal muscles and other tissues. This is associated with insulin resistance and development of diabetes (type 2 diabetes). 

Meat contains large amounts of fat and causes weight gain. Obesity causes increased insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes. Diabetes leads to a myriad of problems, including blindness and lower extremity neuropathy. 

Meat is acidic because animal-protein amino acids have an increased number of sulfur groups. That's why meat-eater farts smell worse. The acidity leads to a need for buffering of pH, which causes calcium loss from your spine (osteoporosis) and increased calcium excretion in your urine (calciuria). Calciuria increases your risk of kidney stones. 

Meat creates a favorable milieu for cancer progression due to the combination of acidity and hypoxia. Hypoxia comes from Rouleaux and depletion of nitric oxide vasodilator.

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  • Anonymous User
  • 28-11-18

This is a must read/listen to position!

I went vegan (14 months ago) the next day (literally!) I've met my present girlfriend and as a result of quitting my former job (10 years of so called career in Design Engineering Project Management - Heavy Industry branch) which had influence on my entire life including traumatic divorce experience (15 years together with my first wife having our 7 years old son) and bringing me to heavy depression and nearly to drugs addiction.

My sister-in-law recommended me this audiobook and it was a shot at 10!
I will use it/recommend it to promote veganism among my family members, friends and even my post-doctoral medicine doctor still arguing that veganism is just another trend having no or bad scientific foundation.

Unfortunately veganism in Poland is still questioned or even satirized by overwhelming majority of catholic/communism raised population understanding it mostly as animal rights movement / just another trendy fashion among other diets.

The idea of promoting veganism from the medical/healthy point of view and as a rest-of-lifestyle, serious pro-planet/pro- technical progress movement is what is particularly appealing to me and in my oppinion should be the main stream of vegan activism in Poland.

In my opinion it's the only way to bring veganism to Poles' attention.

Thank you, Peter Rogers, for your "vegan pill" approach.