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  • Jan 8 2021

    Possible Trigger Warnings:

    In this episode I talk about weight, eating disorders, binge eating, body shaming, social media, obesity and the correlation to health, chronic illness, pain attacks, pain medication, surgery, and mental health issues. This episode may be triggering for someone going through their own health journeys, or dealing with chronic illness. Everything said in this episode is a reflection of my own journey, and all words said are my personal opinions.

    Today's episode I wanted to upload as quickly as possible because I needed to get the words out now before I forgot them.  2020 didn't end well for me and 2021 wasn't off to the best start either when it came to my health. I talk about my first experiences with pain attacks (this is what I call them, not a medical diagnosis), not being able to find a diagnosis,  having no pain for many years, being diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease, and how the pain attacks have recently returned. I chat about how I believe my weight has a lot to do with my poor health, and how I plan to lose weight (body fat and visceral fat) this year-not to look a certain way, but to feel healthier and stronger. Finally I talk about the recent Cosmo UK mag and the controversial article on wellness at any size, and how I was triggered by some of the recent posts doing the rounds on IG.

    This is a solo episode, so I'm a bit all over the shop trying to ease back into podcast life and not having that other person to bounce off of. I also seriously struggled with my pronunciation of some words! Word vomit got me good!

    Supporting resources:

    Nicole Arbour's Cosmo UK Post

    James Smith PT Video

    Cosmo UK

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  • Nov 19 2020

    Disclaimer and Trigger Warnings: I really wanted to record a disclaimer at the start of this episode (however renovations have taken over my study), to warn that at the 36 minute mark, I do disclose that I suffered a miscarriage a few months ago. I don't go into detail, I simply state that it happened, and how the Zen Mama Course that Jodie ran, helped me to feel and let go of my pain associated with the loss. It is only a very small segment of the overall conversation we have, so I don't want that to be the focus of this episode. It was in the moment, and I felt safe enough to share it with Jodie. However, I know that this may be a trigger for some, so I am letting you know before you listen to this episode. 
    Also the topic of spirit guides comes up at the 7 minute mark, because my daughter kept interrupting us during the recording, which was very unusual. This may or may not be triggering, but because it is such a new thing to me I thought I better add it in (again a very small part of the conversation).
    We do touch on briefly, grief,  sex, trauma and mental health.

    In this episode, I welcome the lovely Jodie O'Grady; owner of Bloom Holistic Collective,  massage therapist, naturopath, health coach, yogi, and a beautiful soul with a passion for connecting women to their sacred feminine (or as I like to call her, our inner goddess)! We deep dive into the sacred feminine, and chat about Jodie's journey of how she tapped into her inner goddess,  her intuitive nature, and how Bloom Holistic Collective came to be.  We chat about how holistic healing can serve us, and shining a light on our sacred feminine and our intuition. We also talk about the Zen Mama Series that Jodie hosted and I participated in, and how it was such a beautiful and powerful experience that not only helps us mums, but also helps our children.  Jodie also shares with us her dirty diary confession (such a beautiful share)!

    "Remember that you have everything inside of you that you need. You've got the power, you just need to shine the light on it and build it with resources.  It all adds up to what you already have inside of you, and it grows, and it BLOOMS."

    You Can Find Jodie HERE

    Supporting Resources:

    Bloom Holistic Collective

    Zen Mama Series

    Dorothy Way Numbing Ourselves with Binge Eating Post

    Women Who Run With The Wolves

    Your Primal Nature

    Darlings In Divine 

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  • Oct 29 2020

    Disclaimer and Trigger Warnings: This episode we discuss nudity, self-confidence, body image,  sex, and we do touch on eating disorders.

    In Episode 5, I am joined by the amazing and talented Heidi from Heidi Lou Design (soon-to-be a household name, watch this space)! Heidi creates beautiful brands for passionate women, has launched her first print collection, 'Freely', and is just about to launch her second print collection, 'Dreambound', as of tomorrow! Her print collections are based off of real women, who bare all and get nude! She uses their photos to inspire her to create. Yours truly was one of these inspirations for her first collection, and what an incredible experience that was! We chat about all of this, how she started both her business and collections, and much more! Including how she is using her social media and artwork to influence women to feel confident in their bodies. While the term 'influencer' can have a bad name, Heidi has already begun to pave the way for a new body positivity movement with her post about no longer apologising on behalf of your body! Stick around until the very end, because Heidi shares with us a Dirty Diaries Confession! One not to be missed!

    You can find out all about Dreambound and Heidi Lou Design Here!

    Supporting Resources

    Cotton Body Post 

    Stop Apologising For Your Body Post

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    1 hr and 15 mins
  • Oct 19 2020

    This episode brings to light that things aren't always as they seem, and that there can be a lot going on below the surface. Especially when it comes to my guest host, Aimee Morrisby.  Looking at her, you wouldn't in a million years think that she is unwell, let alone living with an incurable disease, and that she has had to fight to survive her whole life! Like the episode title reads, things aren't always as they seem.

    Disclaimer: I was not able to record a disclaimer at the start of this episode, so I hope you all read this! We talk about topics in this episode that might be traumatic or triggering (see below).  I am so grateful to Aimee for opening up to me, and sharing her most vulnerable and raw self. I'm honoured to have been able to hold a space for her to discuss her Hysterectomy operation, post surgery, and early menopause, as a result of her surgery. I swear a lot in this episode, but it is purely because I'm hearing this information first hand, and I don't think there really is any appropriate reaction to what Aimee shares, it is a lot to process, as a listener.  I am so grateful for her sharing this, because I believe it is so important for her to get her story out in the world, so that someone else out there, going through the same experiences or similar, can find some sort of comfort, knowing they aren't alone. 
    It isn't all heavy, we do chat about some light-hearted topics, including some Toowoomba-based gossip based around the CBD, and the new billboards that are doing the rounds.  This may ruffle some feathers, but it had to be discussed! I apologise if anyone takes offense to our references to religion, neither one of us is religious, so we are just talking about what we know from our own perspectives.  I'm always open to discuss this topic, if you would like to offer a different opinion/perspective.  We finish it off with a chat about influencing on Instagram, and how 2020 might really change people's minds on it! Huge thanks again to Aimee for joining me on today's episode.

    Please Note there is a 10 second silence around the 1 hour mark, as I have muted some names.

    Trigger Warnings: Hirschsprung's Disease in babies/children, Surgery on Infants, Miscarriage, Infertility,  IVF, Surrogacy, Hysterectomy, Traumatic Post-Surgery,  Mental Health and Menopause. We also discuss Pornography, Religion, Domestic Violence, and briefly touch on Child Trafficking and Consent to Pornography.

    If you would like to reach out to Aimee, you can get in touch with herhere.

    Supporting Resources:

    Aimee Morrisby

    Hirschsprung Disease

    Hysterectomy Surgery

    Australasian Menopause  Society

    A City Free From Porn

    Free From Porn Campaign

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    1 hr and 26 mins
  • Oct 8 2020

    Disclaimer & Trigger Warnings: In this episode, we talk about anxiety, body image issues, and possible triggers when it comes to social media and our mental health. We also lightly touch on eating disorders, sex, and trolling.

    In Episode 3, I am joined by best friend and partner in crime, Jeanette Newman. You might know her as being my better half from Two In Toowoomba, but there is so much more to this amazing woman! Jeanette graciously opens up about herself and her mental health journey with anxiety, our mutual love of the gym, and everything fitness. We deep dive into the love/hate relationship that we both have with social media (for different reasons), and how it is not only a possible trigger for us when it comes to our mental health and self confidence, but also for our younger teenage girls, and how harmful social media really can be for them. We have our first Dirty Diaries confession, from yours truly! We chat about how much fun we had at our raunchy photoshoot with Hannah Paulsen Photography, body confidence, and a little bit about our Two In Toowoomba journey. It is a jam-packed episode filled with some deep conversation and some wine-inspired chit chat!

    You can find Jeanette @TwoInToowoomba

    Supporting resources and mentions:

    Slamfit Toowoomba
    Hannah Paulsen Photography 
    Nelly London
    Gym Shark
    It's A Lot with Abbie Chatfield 

    For help with any mental health issues, reach out to;
    Beyond Blue

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    1 hr and 10 mins
  • Oct 1 2020

    Disclaimers and Trigger Warnings: This episode we discuss sex, masturbation, consent, and we briefly touch on how to have these discussions with our children as they get older.

    A fun (sometimes serious) episode with my lovely friend Amy-Lee, where we dive straight into all things female masturbation! Guys masturbating is old news, it is time we started talking about the ladies! We chat about how social media influencers and bloggers are now ambassadors for sex toy companies, and how publicly we are starting to champion female masturbation. We chat about self-pleasure in the form of self-care, masturbating while married or in a relationship, and how your self-pleasure can lead to great sex, by communicating with your partner what you want! Most importantly we discuss why there seems to be so much shame attached to masturbating and why it is such an empowering feeling when you finally release that shame!

    A huge thank you to my friend Amy-Lee for chatting with me, and getting this taboo topic out there and in the open! Amy-Lee is a reiki practitioner who loves life and has the most bubbly personality! You can follow along her journey over on her Instagram account, Reiki With Amy-Lee

    Supporting resources:
    The Authentic Sex Podcast
    The Latch-Womanizer Masturbation Survey
    Healthline- Sexual Peak in Women

    Don't forget to reach out about our Dirty Diaries! Got a question, a story, or just want to have a chat? Reach out to me via email unblushingthepodcast@gmail.com

    Find me on Instagram Unblushing The Podcast

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    35 mins
  • Sep 23 2020

    Welcome to the very first episode of Unblushing The Podcast! In today's episode, your host Dani, dives into why she wanted to start a podcast, her recent self discovery of her inner goddess, and her passion for removing the shame around some topics that go against societal norms. While not a professional, Dani's purpose is to create a safe space that empowers women, releases shame, and sparks discussions about the taboo without the fear of judgement. Because at the end of the day, there is no shame in sharing. 

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    24 mins