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Twelve Ways to Please and Keep Your Woman

Do These Things, and No One Will Take Your Woman
Narrated by: Lori L. Parker
Length: 39 mins

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Women are the strength and foundation of any relationship or marriage; however, quite often they are taken for granted or unappreciated. Most men agree that their women are special; still, they fail to do what is required to keep them happy or satisfied. All relationships and marriages have obstacles that make them unsuccessful, mainly because people stop doing what they did to win the hearts of their mates. Nowadays women work, take care of the children, and contribute to the finances of their families, and all they ask for is a thank you or something that says, "I appreciate you".

Moreover, after conversing with over a hundred women on family, love, relationships, and marriage, I included here in this book the 12 important things they ask of their men. Today it is easy for women to leave their men and find success on their own or with other men. Therefore it is important for men to understand the signs that are driving their women away and do the simple things that are conducive to keeping their women happy.

I understand that implementing these 12 things will not be easy because it takes giving more of oneself, which sometimes makes men appear vulnerable or "unmanly". However, we are talking about pleasing and bringing love and joy to the special women in their lives. Besides, if they refuse, other men would relish the opportunity.

Men know that their women love them (at least I hope they do). Making them feel secure and needed in relationships and marriages is what makes women stand by their men during trying times. If men apply these 12 essential things, I guarantee that their women will be more giving, understanding, sexual, and pleasing to be around.

About the author: Raymond Sturgis is the author of many great-selling books, including Twelve Ways to Please and Keep Your Man, Black Women Can Change Directions by Changing Conditions, and A Time to Cry, a Time to Love and a Time for Togetherness.

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